Do you have your Winter Tires installed?

Do you have your Winter Tires installed?

If you live in an area where snow is a constant throughout winter, having dedicated winter/snow tires can improve your safety.

Winter, and the associated snow, ice, cold and climatic nastiness that goes with it, has arrived for Canadians.

Why change to winter tires?

Winter tires will make your ride safer if you're driving in winter. You know that you should probably install a set, because they're a good idea. If you ask someone you know who owns winter tires, they'll tell you they make a big difference for grip, handling, traction and all-around confidence.

Keep your vehicle in top condition at Acura on Brant and here are a few key benefits for installing a set--especially on your newer car, truck or SUV model.

Increased Traction

Winter tires have both a flexible rubber compound and unique tread design that's made exclusively for use on snow, slush and ice and in cold temperatures. Drivers will benefit from significantly increased traction during acceleration, notably shorter stopping distances, and a drastic increase in directional stability at speed. Winter tires specialize in cold-climate driving, and it shows. With the cold-climate engineering behind winter tires, drivers can enjoy the cold-weather travel season with peace of mind to spare for themselves and their passengers.

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Winter Tires

Maximized AWD Performance

All Wheel Drive (AWD) is a favorite bit of powertrain hardware with Canadian shoppers in numerous vehicle types. Today's latest models have more fast-acting, precise and sophisticated all-wheel drive systems than ever before. Your ride's AWD system reacts with millisecond precision to low-traction situations to keep you and your family safe by supporting you in maintaining vehicle control.

Remember: the only way to increase the amount of physical traction between a vehicle and the road's surface is through the tires. Proper tires for the season gives your AWD system plenty more grip to work with, allowing it to do its job with maximum effectiveness.

Not Just for Snow and Ice

In cold weather, even on dry roads, the softer, more flexible rubber used in the construction of winter tires provides that all-important give that all-season tires lose when it's cold out. Even on dry roads, winter tires work better in the winter.

Acura on Brant, Burlington,  has an excellent Service Department and if you need to get your winter tires on it’s time to Book an Appointment!

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Don’t get caught in the next snow fall. Get your winter tires on today!

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