Battery Service Special NOW ONLY $49.95 (Reg $79.95) Acura On Brant

Battery Service Special NOW ONLY $49.95 (Reg $79.95) Acura On Brant

Your vehicle's battery is an important component of your vehicle. Proper maintenance and timely replacement will help ensure your vehicle keeps running as new.

A car battery is responsible for providing electricity to your engine and all other electrical components located in your vehicle. A good working battery will ensure you are able to start and run your vehicle with no issues.

Signs of Car Battery Performance Issues

If you experience dim headlights when running the car, something might be happening with your battery and replacement or service might be needed. Alternator issues will also prevent your battery from properly charging and a bad battery may make your pickup or car's starter run slowly and you might barely be able to start the engine.

Battery Service Special NOW ONLY $49.95 (Reg $79.95)

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Tips for Regular Battery Maintenance

Here are a few steps to do seasonally to ensure your battery is running at full capacity:

Corrosion: Our Acura Service team can help clean your battery cables and top part of your battery to ensure nothing prevents safe and adequate functioning.

Water level: Certain batteries will require that the water level be checked and properly maintained and others will be built with an inspection window that will allow you to see a colour indicator that will provide you with information about the state of your battery: good, needs recharging and needs replacement.

Connection issues: Our team will ensure that all cables are connected properly to the terminals and that the clamp is reinstalled properly.

Don't look any further, Acura On Brant Service team can help with a battery replacement, car battery check, and regular battery maintenance.

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