Know your driver in real-time: Optimize fleet ops, safety with drivebuddyAI

Know your driver in real-time: Optimize fleet ops, safety with drivebuddyAI

Fleet management is all about location tracking (GPS) and post-facto analysis…And drivebuddyAI (DBAI) is the preferred virtual driving artificial intelligence

Fleet management is all about location tracking (GPS) and post-facto analysis…And drivebuddyAI (DBAI) is the preferred virtual driving artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution across the world, that operates with high precision against distracted driving and improves driving performance.

Merely adding CCTV cameras in your vehicles does not enhance monitoring or make the operations efficient. DBAI’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) camera comes with not only dashcam features but its also intelligent enough to instruct drivers to comply with specific pre-decided protocols.

There is a strong correlation between driver behaviour, route, and fleet maintenance. Aggressive driving, excessive idling, improper shifting, or deactivating safety controls are common complaints.

DBAI quickens turnaround time (TAT)

This means optimizing operations to reduce & maintain Turn Around Time or TAT. Lower TAT is all a fleet needs for better business. TAT has higher dependency on how well drivers do on the road. Depending upon how fast a truck can go in a day to deliver the goods from the source to a destination determines the TAT. Turnaround times act as a direct reflection of the efficiency of the trucks in a fleet. High turnaround times point to bottlenecks and delays in operations.

DBAI helps track driver behaviour in real time

Events are one of the most important aspects in managing fleets. Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) help in this aspect. There are two perspectives: Get to know about any incidents in real time instead of seeking clarity from drivers and understand the patterns from events to make data driven decision making about coaching, driver allocation for a specific route and timing.

ELDs are all about knowing drivers and their overall driving behaviour on trip-to-trip basis with different contexts like driving time, duration, specific risk area and coaching area.

ELDs are one of the standard compliances in USA which helps in measuring the average driving time to avoid burnout. Mile by mile, you will receive notifications of vehicle usage and driver behaviour in real time when you install drivebuddyAI ADAS in your truck.

DBAI ADAS makes fleet management easier

DBAI’s Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) enables fleet managers to optimize fleet performance and ensure safety. Collision avoidance is among the critical issues addressed by drivebuddyAI ADAS.

You can monitor driving behaviour, detect driver drowsiness and fatigue, track vehicle, and avoid collisions.

Data shows that with proper personalized driving coaching done via video data for drivers can derive certain improvement. The improvements are usually visible after 6-8 months considering overall operations of the fleet. The psychological paradigm shift happens, and drivers make safety a habit rather than just complying. As much as 84 percent of total road accidents in the world are caused by distracted driving. Safe transportation is top priority in fleet management.

DBAI is insightful, intelligent

DBAI has built an AI-powered platform to detect, monitor, gather data and generate insights on driver fatigue, driver drowsiness. It also warns against collisions, and tracks fleet vehicles using GPS tracking to lower turn-around-times (TAT). It ensures the safety of man and vehicle.

If driving behaviour can be improved, a direct impact on driver and vehicle safety can be achieved. While distracted driving remains the most significant ongoing risk, preventable accidents, reported to be almost 40 percent of total reported fleet accidents are also an area that fleet managers must mitigate.

What makes DBAI superior?

DBAI has built a superior intelligent vehicle tracking system with advanced capabilities in avoiding collision and protecting life & property. DBAI’s ADAS-powered vehicle tracking system, offers valuable insights into the driver’s performance on the road.

The comprehensive fleet safety system with an intelligent driver assistant device, easily fitted on a vehicle or fleet, and a powerful cloud-based dashboard, deploys advanced AI and computer vision to capture valuable driving data, generate real time alerts, and deliver automated insights.

What does DBAI ADAS achieve?

It ensures the safety of the driver, vehicle, and high value critical goods enroute and alerts drivers in case of drowsiness, distractions, tailgating, collision warning. Along with that, it can also generate alerts for specific set of protocols like – no more than 6 hours of continuous driving for one driver, halting at every 2 hours during midnight driving etc – which can be risk mitigation practices followed globally by fleets.

The drivebuddyAI platform then generates alerts & notifications in case any of the compliances are not being followed by the drivers and fleet managers can also take necessary actions. It technically reduces the effort of fleet managers for manually managing each driver, vehicle, compliance & safety all together which is a nearly impossible task for a human.

How does DBAI ensure safety?

How has ADAS performed so far in reducing the accidents and risk? drivebuddyAI has engaged in significant data analysis of existing customer fleet companies to quantify the benefits of using its ADAS platform.

  • The risk is observed to be reduced by 68% on an overall basis
  • The tendency of drivers to maintain a safe distance was increased by 65%
  • The tendency of drivers to engage in distraction-related activities or fatigue was reduced by 78%