Take The Drive - Just North Of Dundas

Take The Drive - Just North Of Dundas

Summer is here. Top down or sunroof open, get in your car and go. Enjoy this adventure in 1-5 hours.

Your 1-5 Hour Tour Begins...

On the corner of Dundas and Walker's line, sits a number of places to start your journey.  You can decide, coffee, latte, iced Capp, from 3 of the world's most successful establishments.

Go North

As you journey north on Walkers Line you will start by seeing a number of beautiful fields.  Careful though, as the next 2 km's are often set with speed traps.

Although, there is not much need to drive fast though as you enjoy the incredible views along the way.

Mount Nemo - Your First Stop

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Mount Nemo enjoy the drive

Mount Nemo is on the west side of Walkers Line. There are now two official entrances. The newest entry is a newly built parking lot on the corner of Walkers Line and 2 Side Road.  For those drivers who are a little more adventurous, this is a great first stop along the way.

Stop Option #1: Hike up the trail for an hour or two and take in the views of the Toronto Skyline from the paths on Mount Nemo

Beautiful Homes

Drive, north, Burlington

Check out the beautiful homes along your drive

For those that love to see great real estate, this drive won't disappoint your appetite for the home tourist in you.  You will be amazed how many luxury properties you will see with rolling acres and modern houses.  Fences that stretch for miles or trees that hide the homes, take your time because you are going to be surprised how many beautiful homes reside on this tour.

Just Before You Turn Left On Derry Road

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No drive north of the city is without enjoying the view to Rattlesnake Point. Above. Beyond the farm is one of Conservation Halton's many parks. This tour doesn't take you to Rattlesnake Point directly, but, if you want to go there, here is a link to the Conservation Halton Website.

Slow Down As You Next Turn North (Right) On Twiss Road

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Set a nice pace.

Twiss Road, brings many people to a part of the region, they may never have experienced.  Winding roads, apple orchards and tree lined country roads, make you feel like you are hours away from the action.  Only 10 mins away from Milton, Burlington and Waterdown, this drive is sure to provide you with some peace from the hustle and grind that most people face.

As You Continue North

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Muskoka Like Setting

As you drive north on Twiss Road, it might even feel for a second or two that you are in Northern Ontario.  North on Twiss Road about 2 -3 km's from Derry Road, as the road winds, you will see Yaremko-Ridley Park.

Stop Option #2: Yaremko Ridley Park. This is another optional hike or break from your drive that will again leave you breathless that so much is so close.

Next, Turn Right On Campbellville Road

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Stop Option #3: Campbellville can be another quick stop on your journey.  Grab an ice cream locally or just rest on a bench in the Campbelleville Conservation Area.

This can add a nice quiet hour to your drive our you can continue south to your final destination.  Lowville.


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End your day at Lowville Bistro

Stop Option #4: Lowville gives you a few options.  One of which is Lowville Park, and the other is a dining experience at Lowville Bistro where we hear locals have been going for years. It's 6 o'clock on a summer evening.

Maybe it's time to grab a bite to eat. Enjoy

Enjoy Your Drive

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