Join Us Next Year At The Downtown Burlington Car Show

Join Us Next Year At The Downtown Burlington Car Show

We had a great time this year, and we look forward to each and every future Burlington Car Show.

Another Great Day

The Burlington Car Show 2017

This year the Burlington Car Show didn't disappoint. As expected, there was something for everyone. There were muscle cars from the 70s, vintage cars, and of course the cars of today for all to see.

Early Morning

As the sun woke on July 8th, 2017, we started to see people connecting, and finding their way to the "best seats" in town for the show's festivities. For car buffs and kids of all ages, Brant St. was a wonderful trip down memory lane.  It also paved a path to the future bridging many generational gaps along the way.

It was exciting to see children fully engaged while watching their grandfather's cars being set up along the street.

Sharing stories of their pride with an early morning coffee in their hands, the car owners spoke of the many memories defined by their cars. With many cars being passed down to the next generation, these vehicles will become a time capsule, instead of a general piece of scrap metal.

Mid Morning

We begin to appreciate that times like these in our town, at this time, with our family and friends is the reason why our communities come together to share in such events. Exchanging memories, shaking hands, introducing each other to members of our community that share the love and passion of connecting experiences.

The show is not just about looking and dreaming of cars, but understanding that the stories we all share regardless of the generation, our feelings towards each hood, each fender, each personalization on every one of our vehicles is about coming together.

We are connected through passion.

Late Morning

As we walked down Brant St. towards the lake with the sun beating off every windshield, families came together by the hundreds, hour after hour, bringing us closer together with just another reason to celebrate our home.

Thank you Burlington, for allowing us a stage to make this happen.

With more than 160 cars on display, we had a blast browsing and seeing what Burlington and area had to offer.

Not to mention, we were proud to support the services of the Burlington Lion's Club, an organization that continually does great work within our community.

More What You Will See Next Year..

Check under some powerful car hoods.

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See you next year!

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Join Us Next Year At The Downtown Burlington Car Show