The Importance Of A Call To Action - Hint. It's Important.

The Importance Of A Call To Action - Hint. It's Important.

Creating simple clean content is important. Equally important is guiding people to take ACTION when they are engaged with the content.

Your Content Is Good! Now What?

Basically, you have done everything right.

1) You created an easy to read piece of content

2) The User Is Excited - As You Can Solve Their Problem

3) Now It's Time To ASK! (The Call-To-Action)

When creating the call-to-action, its completely OK to guide the user to contact you.  You earned it.  Customer Engagement Is Not Luck

Here are 3 Tips To Creating  A Good Call-To-Action

1) Make The Headline ACTION ORIENTED

Contact Us To Fix Your Back" "Get Your Back Fixed Today" The assumption here is that the visitor to your content has a problem and the TITLE of your content was a great draw.  Now it's time to help the reader.  ASK with ACTION.

2) Make the description of your Call-To-Action SOLUTION ORIENTED

If your reader is ready to get their back fixed and ready to take action, let them know how they are going to feel or the result of the action they are going to take.

Headline: Get Your Back Fixed Today   Description: You are going to be walking upright in NO time.


This is not black or white.  Depending on the industry, the business and the client an incentive to reduce risk may be complete acceptable.  That's up to you.

If you are going to offer an incentive, what is the "OFFER" that will be respected and still not break your bank.

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