Are You Ready to Start Your HeartQuest Journey?

Are You Ready to Start Your HeartQuest Journey?

"Why is it the journey, and not the destination that really matters...?"

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This plaque, of a famous Chinese proverb, hangs outside on my front porch, and it inspires me to remember that everything begins with one first step.

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Inspirational quote that hangs outside my front door

I love this time of year because it's a time to celebrate new opportunities and vision. It is also a time of new life and rebirth, as well as the end of winter. This spring, I am making a commitment to write more, and to connect, and to meet people who are on their HeartCentred journeys.

What does this all mean?

You can watch my personal story about my own HeartCentred journey here.

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Writing in the Practical Spiritual Services e-magazine has been an exciting and creative exploration. Let me explain...

When I started my personal exodus from my marriage, all I felt was turbulence and pressure, within me (which was all my emotional bashing). I struggled because the stakes were so high, having left everything behind.

However, throughout it all, I remember how:

- I stayed open to what the universe was offering (rather than focusing on what was missing; i.e., what I left behind);

- I stayed hopeful;

- I was deeply faithful;

- I trusted in God/the Universe; and

- I stayed open to receiving.

And then, I noticed an unrecognizable shift in me...I began to relax, and I was able to surrender to my gut; in other words, my heart.

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I'm so glad I found my internal peace

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Instead of worrying, and constantly trying to figure out what my new home life would look like, I allowed myself to be guided. This kept me focused and less anxious.

As a result:

- I started paying attention to what I was resisting; i.e., my fear.

- I stopped obsessing with figuring out everything (which no longer consumed my concentration);

- I noticed I had been previously behaving like a child, throwing a temper tantrum, because I was not getting what I wanted; and

- I started to really feel my heart, which was deeply saddened and shocked.

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Awareness is the first step in changing

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This loss and deep pain, created the greatest 'aha' moment - the catalyst and deepest discovery - this hardship, jolted me out of my own tunnel vision.

I grew and evolved, when:

- I embraced this deep inner sadness;

- I stopped fighting; and,

- I just let up.

Which then led me to these discoveries:

  1. I was no longer afraid of what was next;
  2. My dreams of that perfect home, and perfect family, were gone, but it didn't matter to me anymore;
  3. I started to have another perspective;
  4. I started living differently, and making other choices;
  5. I shifted my anger to my own emotional well-being; and
  6. I deeply opened up to the connection of my heart within.
As Eckart Tolle said: "Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing."
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I am so glad I was able to nurture the willingness to let go, to controlling the mind, and learned how forgiveness of myself and others released me

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Try this wonderful exercise: Touch, hold, observe, and remember, with gratitude, the people and things around you, that have given you tremendous pleasure and joy.

This pause and reflection will open up your heart, and allow you to see all the blessings in your life. After all, gratitude is felt because of love, which gives birth to everything wonderful.

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It helps to come to stillness in moments of great emotional upheaval and turmoil

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This personal journey then led me to birth HeartQuest, which is about achieving inner peace, by living your life with grace, faith and self-love.

Are You Ready to Start Your HeartQuest Journey?

Grace is: having the patience to stop contributing to your own suffering and confusion.

Faith is: letting go, and cultivating trust, even though we may not always understand what is happening to us, or to another.

Self-Love is: standing firm in that which you are, and accepting who you are, without judgement.

HeartQuest is: a journey toward embracing your feelings, at every given moment, before jumping to any conclusions about emotions you might be experiencing, or before abandoning ship on a project or on something new and challenging.

Often, the closer you get to realizing your dreams coming true, a part of you starts to question, and possibly sabotages all of your efforts. Slow down and take it easy. Be easy on yourself by not allowing yourself to overthink things too much. You do not always have to be sure where you are going. I certainly wasn't.

Let go of your oars and all the concerns about yourself, and flow with the current of the stream.

If you learn to trust your own heart, you will get the clarity you need to see your truth!

You will arrive safely, in the end, just like me, when I let go of my oars, and all the concerns I had about myself!

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I am grateful for being in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life

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So now do you understand why it's definitely the journey that really matters?

With each step in my journey, I learned that everything is possible. And when you believe this, your own transformation will begin as well.

It's a journey that:

- tells you who you are;

- that unfolds your potential; and

- actually creates who you really are.

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Open Your Heart to New Experiences

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You hold in your heart, a road map that will lead you, every step of the way.

To quote from one of my favourite songs from the rock band Journey: "Don't stop believing".

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

If you want some guidance to get you started on your own journey, you're going to meet the most interesting, exciting person you will ever know - YOU!

If you’re feeling the call to reconnect to your soul’s deepest longing, and to your deepest inspiration and vision this springtime, connect with me via email at to book a free 30-minute consultation.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

With love and gratitude,

Alie Amaral

HeartCentred Coach, Divorce Coach, Mediator, Human Rights Specialist, ThetaHealing & Mindfulness Practitioner