The Top 5 Common Myths About Chiropractic Care | Dr. Charles Loo

The Top 5 Common Myths About Chiropractic Care | Dr. Charles Loo

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Chiropractic Care Myths and Misconceptions

Chiropractic care has proven to be beneficial and effective for those who receive it. Chiropractic benefits have been recognized by medical practitioners and other health professionals. However, a large portion of the population is still unaware of, or has a limited understanding of, chiropractic. Many people are skeptical of chiropractic care due to a lack of information about the practice and the misconceptions, myths, and misinformation they hear from others who, like them, do not understand chiropractic.

Below are some of the myths about chiropractic care:

1. Benefits of Chiropractic are all placebo

The placebo effect is the belief that benefits and cures are received although they are not real and are only psychological. Chiropractic care is a type of treatment that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. It promotes the natural healing and restoration of sore and painful areas to maintain normal function.

Many studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy and benefits of chiropractic care. Patient testimonials attest to the benefits of chiropractic even more. You can also conduct a simple Google search to find and compare case studies about the benefits of chiropractic therapy.

2. Chiropractic treatments are dangerous

Chiropractic is a branch of medicine that is practiced by chiropractors who are also licensed doctors. These chiropractors earned their degrees and underwent rigorous training because their specialty is restoring the function of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care is both safe and effective when compared to the use of pain relievers. It also has the advantage of reducing the likelihood of a patient needing surgery.

3. Chiropractic treatments are painful

Chiropractors receive years of training before specializing in this field, which is why patients should not be afraid of pain during adjustment. There may be some discomfort during the adjustment period, but it may not be severe enough to cause pain.

4. Chiropractic has negative side effects

According to "Dr. Charles Loo", Chiropractic treatments are all-natural and done by hand, and they're well-known in the medical community for their proven advantages. It is even considered one of the safest medical practices because it does not rely on pharmacological treatments or surgery for therapy, which is why a growing number of people are turning to chiropractic care.

5. Chiropractic is expensive

Chiropractic is an affordable treatment option for back pain treatments. The cost is around 90% less than the overall bill when paying for a back surgery.

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