What is laser dentistry?

What is laser dentistry?

If you want access to modern technology, find the best laser Dentist in Kolkata.

While you may be familiar with laser treatment in medicine and cosmetic surgery, laser treatments are also used in dentistry. You've probably heard of laser whitening treatments, but lasers have many more to offer in oral care. Dentists can provide superior dental care to us with the help of these laser treatments. If you want access to modern technology, find the best laser Dentist in Kolkata.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser is an abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It converts energy into extraordinarily intense, concentrated light with a single wavelength. Nowadays, laser dentistry can perform many dental operations effectively and precisely. It is helpful when a dentist or periodontist wants to reduce tissue damage while accelerating healing time. Laser treatment can be used on hard tissues like the teeth and jaw and soft tissues like the gums. Soft tissue dental laser procedures may not necessitate the use of stitches, injections, or medications. Some laser dentistry techniques do not require anesthetic as well. But most laser dental procedures outperform older methods that rely on scalpels or drills.

Types of laser

There are two types of lasers used in dentistry; Hard tissue lasers and Soft tissue lasers.

  • Hard tissue lasers: Teeth are typically made of tough tissues. Hard tissue lasers use wavelengths absorbed by water and the calcium phosphate salt found within the tooth or bone. Dentists utilize lasers to cut this tough tissue. Hard lasers are mostly used for tooth sensitivity treatment, cavity diagnosis, and tooth preparation for dental fillings.
  • Soft tissue lasers: Water and hemoglobin can absorb the wavelength of soft tissue lasers. Therefore, they help treat gum problems since they may cut into soft tissue while closing exposed blood vessels. Soft tissue lasers are usually used to reshape gums for cosmetic purposes, extend crowns, and correct limited tongue movement.

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