Understanding the freight claim process

Understanding the freight claim process

When it comes to sending inventory, everything goes according to your plan in most cases. But in some situations, a package might get damaged or even lost. This is why you need to know the right way of recovering your losses once something goes wrong with domestic shipping in Canada.

About Freight Claims

A freight claim is a demand that a shipper places against a carrier to get a reimbursement for damage or loss to goods. Remember that even though you might file a claim for a damaged or lost item, the amount you receive might be different than the actual value of the goods. Many carriers will only pay based on their maximum liability. That might be around $100 for each shipment, and LTL carriers might pay 10 cents to $2 for each pound. It is a good idea to consider insurance with international freight shipping.

When to Submit a Claim

You will need to have a breakdown of the value of each item. You can highlight or note this on the invoice of costs. You will also need to have photos of the damaged item before it comes out of the box and packaging. It is always a good idea to have photos taken showing how the item is in the box. There should be a detailed description of the damage, as well.

Claims for Damage

The pallet might be on several trucks and was moved with more than one forklift through the terminals, which means that there are many opportunities for damage. Working with a shipping logistics provider will ensure that you properly pack the pallet. Then you should take a picture with the label.

Claims for Loss

If you have not made any errors on the bill of lading and the shipment has not arrived on the delivery date, then it is likely that it got lost. The next step is to contact the customer service team of your logistics provider and start the investigation with your carrier. Upon completion of the investigation and the carrier says to file a claim, then this should start as soon as possible. If the shipment does not show up, then you can get some money back with domestic shipping in Canada.

Work With the Best Logistics Provider

When it comes to submitting a freight claim against a provider of shipping services in Canada, you should know a few things before the transaction. These include the coverage the carrier provides if things go wrong, as well as the limitations and advantages of the insurance. Working with a company to ensures that the international freight shipping process will go smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our shipping services.