Recover your Knee Injury with Bledsoe Brace

Recover your Knee Injury with Bledsoe Brace

Knee injury has become common in people... The terrible pain seems like the knee will never be able to recover... Get your Bledsoe ligament instability brace!

I have been playing competitive soccer ever since I can remember, and I like to move fast. I guess that warranted my dad’s nickname for me, “Scooter!” Never once did I ever think I would be needing reconstructive surgery on my knee to repair my ACL that was fully torn. I was just winding up for a shot, planted my leg and twisted and that’s when I felt my entire joint open and crumbled to the ground. I had never felt pain like that as I heard the “pop” in my knee and instantly knew something major had happened. As a kid playing rep sports, you think you are invincible! Who knew that girls are more predisposed to ACL injuries than boys because we have a wider pelvic angle? I certainly didn’t at that time.

Recover your Knee Injury with Bledsoe Brace


After a year of waiting, I finally had my knee repaired and soon after I was getting fitted for my first Bledsoe ligament instability brace. I was so amazed at how light this brace was. When you look at them they appear bulky and restrictive, but the magnesium frame was so light and the brace was custom made so it moved perfectly with my leg. This brace became a part of me, and helped in my recovery process.

I was motivated to get back into playing soccer again but I was quite afraid of pushing my knee too hard. I didn’t want to go through the pain that I had just gone through! The brace was literally a helmet for my knee and gave me the stability, control and confidence to get back into what I loved doing most, playing soccer. I had to make sure there were no metal hinges showing or exposed on the brace, and thankfully they all come with outer covers to make sure the brace is in compliance or the refs wouldn’ t have let Scooter back on the field!

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