Orthopedic Flip Flops for those Tiring Legs

Orthopedic Flip Flops for those Tiring Legs

Orthopedic flip flops - a quick relief for heel & knee pain... Wear your flip flop around Disney, Airport just like I did!

Yes, really! there is such a thing as orthopedic flip flops, and no, they are NOT UGLY! We see so many cases of heel pain and knee pain through the summer and into the fall. Winter forces us to wear boots and shoes, which are usually quite supportive. Transitioning into flip flops and lightweight summer shoes can be a major cause of heel and knee pain.

Orthopedic Flip Flops for those Tiring Legs

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When I first saw the Orthopedic Flip Flops

When the Sole rep first walked into the clinic to show us the flip flops, we were very skeptical. Then we tried them on and were instantly impressed. My fit test was to wear them for a whole day! So , I took them to Disney with me and wore it while trekking around Epcot Centre with the kids. People looked at me like I was insane, walking around Disney with flip flops! And they were amazing to wear at the airport too where they make you take your shoes off! While you can never replace the support of a running shoe for example, I think the Sole flips are the best supportive flip flop I have ever worn. I own 4 pair – in different colours of course! 2 are for indoor use on my hardwood floors and the other 2 are to wear outside. At $85 and various colour options for men and women, it’s a great investment. Call us at 905.331.4391 to book an appointment with a clinician to try on a pair today.

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