Knee Bracing for knee pain

Knee Bracing for knee pain

There are so many knee braces out there and finding a comfortable one to wear is so important so that you can still be active and healthy.

There are so many over the counter knee braces that sometimes it’s hard to decide which one is better for you. The concept of all them are the same. Compress the area around the knee and keep the swelling down.

My personal favourite is the Genutrain by Bauerfeind, for several reasons, the first being that it is very comfortable to wear. The knit fabric that is integral to all Bauerfeind products is breathable and washable. No more sweaty, stinky, black neoprene sleeves that feel disgusting after one use! The silicone omega pad surrounds the knee cap keeping the patella in place so that it tracks efficiently and provides a great feeling of stability around the knee.

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The fact that the knee cap is closed means that any swelling in the knee is dissipated nicely in conjunction with the compressive actions of the fabric. The sense of instant relief is second to none when you have the Genutrain on. It’s lightweight, fits under most pants discreetly and is very comfortable to wear. I play a fair amount of golf and badminton and my kids keep me pretty active playing with them or hiking the Bruce Trail. My knee doesn’t always hurt but when I push it too hard or am on uneven surfaces, it starts to bother me. I immediately go to my Genutrain and feel instant relief. Theoretically, the best cure for knee pain is to strengthen the muscles around the knee. My feeling is that if your knee hurts and you can’t do the exercises you need to do to stay healthy then please wear the brace. It’s lightweight, easy to slide on and it works, and did I mention it was breathable and washable!

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Genutrain Knee Brace

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