I Love My Flip Flops

I Love My Flip Flops

Who doesn’t love letting their feet breath? Being able to kick off your sandals and be barefoot. Is any flip flop good enough for your feet?

Unfortunately, not all sandals are made equal.

Not only is there a wide range of looks, styles, and pricing but there is also a wide range of cushioning, control and support that should be accounted for when buying a sandal.

Basic flip flops that are flat do not provide cushioning, support or motion control while you walk, and they tend to break down quickly. In these types of sandals, you may find that you get shin, arch and heel pain if you are on your feet for a long period of time.

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There are companies that design sandals with your foot comfort in mind (and are fashionable!). These brands tend to have a thicker sole, built in arch support and a deep heel cup which all help to support your foot and absorb impact as you walk. Having a properly fitting sandal is also important. A sandal too small will create pressure points where you can develop irritation and blisters, and a sandal too big will not keep your foot securely in the sandal. A good fit will help with proper shock absorption to combat lower leg and foot pain and fatigue after walking for long periods.

As for the sandals at the back of your closet from last year; if they are stretched out, compressed or overall look out of shape it may be time to invest in a new pair. Just like running shoes, sandals do break down and need to be replaced.

The best advice is to be aware of how your feet and legs are feeling. If sandals cause lower leg /foot pain and fatigue it may be best to wear more supportive footwear like a shoe if you are going to be on your feet or walking for long periods. Those really cute sandals you love may be great for short periods but may hurt if you spend a whole day in them. Listen to your body; your feet will thank you!

There is such a thing as orthopedic flip flops.

If you want to see a flip flop that will change your life - call us and we will show the incredible Oofos flips.

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