Does it Hurt While Skating?

Does it Hurt While Skating?

Skating is an enjoyable sport while some complain of the fatique feet caused due to the tightness of the skates..Learn what causes pain while skating!

I always say I don’t skate because I don’t like being cold, but frankly, while that may be true, it is mostly because my feet hurt when I skate! Within 2 minutes on skates, the arches of my feet feel really fatigued and I can’t wait to get my skates off! What really bothers me more is that I am a Pedorthist and I should know how to stop my feet from hurting when I skate!

What is the Solution to this pain?

I have tried over the counter insoles and they make a small difference but not enough. My biggest relief came when I finally got a custom skate orthotic, fitted exactly to my arch and my skate, thin enough to not make the skate feel even tighter, but strong enough to support my arch. What a relief! The orthotics keep my foot in a neutral alignment and allow my body to work optimally. My stride length is longer and my foot doesn’t fatigue. Now, if only I could overcome my dislike of the cold weather!


Orthotics for skates

You must get your skates customized if you feel hurt while skating.

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