Best SEO Tool Review

Best SEO Tool Review

An SEO Tool to make your website better in pace with market dynamics so that you can generate more and more quality traffic on your website. Sounds like a perfe

An SEO Tool to make your website better in pace with market dynamics so that you can generate more and more quality traffic on your website. Sounds like a perfect plan, isn’t it?

I was looking for online SEO tools that could enhance my website too and my search was over with diib. diib was suggested to me by a friend and he told me to give it 3 days free trial, anyways with a free trial I had nothing to lose. I myself did a little research and finally opted for the trial. It’s been more than a month now I am using diib for my website’s SEO and now I think it is time to share my experience working on the tool so to help others with useful information.

Here I am going to give my honest diib review which enhanced the performance of my website, its features, pros and cons.

Diib - in my opinion….

I came across diib via a friend’s suggestion but the decision to stick to the same option was completely mine as I was convinced with the user-friendly design of the diib. It is a highly accessible tool with a simple signing process and considerable outputs. Your every dollar is worth it if invested in this SEO tool. It starts analyzing your website from the moment you add your website and sync it with google analytics. It gives you the annual growth chart on the dashboard along with the present website ratings, visitor details, alerts, summarized objectives and lot more.

How to get started?

Sign Up to diib, add your website, once added immediately sync it with Google Analytics. Later on, you can sync with Facebook and Google My Business. Once the process is complete, diib will start scanning the website (every single data) and will give you the analytics accordingly. The process for signing up and adding website is simple and takes less than 5 minutes.

Diib - Best Features and Price

Accessible Dashboard - The dashboard has all primary icons like website health, daily health score and website rank on the same page. Simple design and easy to use utilities.

A Side Bar - For Quick Links - There is a sidebar having sub-options like Overview, Site Dashboard, Objectives, SEO, Social Analytics, Website profile, Data Channel, Answer Engine Help, Add Website, Alerts, etc.

Diib Answer Engine - This is one of the useful features of diib - Answer Engine comes up with growth plans (based on the current status of the website). It shows you the scope for improvement for you to work on your website accordingly.

Others - Diib gives you the list of objectives and alerts under the sub-headings on the sidebar. OBJECTIVES or ALERT. One needs to follow them daily. Diib also shows you the bad-backlinks, keyword ranking, search intensity and more. The only part where it lags behind is the bad-backlink, even if the objectives are complete for the day, the dashboard shows the same bad-backlinks the next day which is frustrating.

Speaking of the price, the monthly subscription falls in-between $9.99/month to $29.99/month (excluding 3 days trial). The price varies based on the traffic on your website.

Pros and Cons


  • User friendly interface
  • Cost-effective
  • Updates on Daily Basis
  • True Results
  • Quick Signup process
  • Speedy Website Scanning
  • The Best Website Tracker
  • Tracking Everyday Progress
  • Useful Objectives and Alerts


  • Bad-backlinks are visible even if they are sorted.
  • Some objectives and alerts are visible even after completing the task.
  • The tool shows some objectives that are oriented with the search engine or the other website. One can do nothing but ignore them.
  • In the end, my overall experience with diib was splendid and I still continue to use it. Customer’s continued utilization of the services itself is a compliment on its performance and efficiency. diib is a package for users and I can bet that what features you can’t find on other tools collectively you will find here in one.