How to Provide Killer Customer Service while Working Remotely?

How to Provide Killer Customer Service while Working Remotely?

Are you working to devise a new business strategy? Wondering how to provide killer customer service while working remotely? Here's the guide you must read

Customer service consists of all the support and information you provide to a customer before and after they buy your product or services. You answer customers with the aim to satisfy their needs and address any issues; this is what excellent customer service is all about.

The outbreak of Coronavirus is shifting the entire socio-eco, geo-political, and customer ecosystem globally, without exception. The closure of physical stores, offices, and stay-at-home orders is reshaping the work culture. Due to lockdown, businesses shifted to a work-from-home culture, allowing employees to work remotely.

However, it is important to know how the regular ecosystem of customer service is disrupted by WFH. You have seen companies reaching out for alternative methods to cut down overheads in all aspects. This segment of WFH spearheads the disruption in an otherwise regular ecosystem of customer service.

Nowadays, WFH or remote work is the “new normal;” this is furthering the very idea of why customer service is even more important in the current scenario. Additionally, the new challenges of providing effective customer service comes in the wake of the pandemic and its persistent push for growing adaptability for WFH or working remotely. Both these factors have led businesses to emphasize remote working options.

The Benefits of Good Customer Service

Before we learn how to offer killer customer service, let’s have a look at its advantages.

Loyal Customer Fan Base

It measures a customer’s level of satisfaction with your company, brand, staff help, etc. This all-important segment of loyal customer fan base results from the value of your product and the services your staff offer.

Up-selling to Existing Customers

Up-selling is a strategy to sell a more expensive product or entice the customer into upgrading the product they already have. For example, at the time of buying a smartphone online, the online store suggests you buy a screen protector or cover case for that model. Providing good customer service can make this possible. Your remote team can take a subtler approach and upsell to your customer rather than sounding too pushy.

Good Reputation/Word-of-Mouth

Positive reviews are a benchmark for your trustworthiness. The better your customer service, the higher your chances of building a good reputation that promotes your brand.

Reward Customers

You should plan to develop your customers as brand ambassadors. Look for ways to inspire them through your products or services. Invite your loyal or active customers, and reward them – all this is possible only if you have good customer service.

Less Stress on Your System, Employees, and Customers

A customer service automation system will help reduce stress on your system and employees, and more importantly, on customers. When there’s a smooth flow of information, and you address your staff’s concerns in a personalized manner, they feel valued and more than a part of your organization. Hence, the process will help your staff deliver excellent service to your customers.

Customer Trust and Brand Recognition

Customer’s trust is like 2+2=4; they will return the favor for the kind of product and service they receive. Make them feel like they are special to you and respect them by offering the best service. Brand recognition is another benefit, and it is somehow linked to customers’ trust in your product or service.


Provide the best customer service and products to make sure your customers are happy, leading them to get referrals. Customers referrals are a powerful selling and marketing tool for your products. Online and modern digital marketing study suggests that more than 70% of customers read your review section before buying your product. Thus, customer’s positive referrals are good for your business, and you can earn them with good customer service.

How to Manage Remote Customer Service

Use Automation/Project Management Tools

Automation software eliminates the need for human involvement. It helps simplify your working methods, at the same time, gives you room to interact with your customers or clients more frequently with new and better suggestions to further their interest in your product and services. Email is not the best platform to manage projects when managing a remote team. You need an automation tool or customer support software solution to streamline the process.

Choosing the right tool will help coordinate the activities of your remote team and collect the information to improve your services. Plus, these tools will help you evaluate your team’s performance using detailed insights via dashboards and reports and address customers’ issues. Make sure the tool you choose route customer issues to the representative who has the skills and expertise to resolve them.

Task – Recap

Most of your remote customer service teams deal with many clients on a daily basis. It’s difficult to keep a clear track record of each conversation. You can add a task-recap option to your automation system. Here, your team members can upload their respective data, and the system will generate recap reports for each individual. You can compare their performance weekly.

Create a Knowledge Base

It means storing information in one easily accessible place, which your customer service team and management can use.

This information will have details, features, technical specs about a product or service and the company’s daily routine functionality. This knowledge base compilation is ideal when your remote working team is spread around in different time zones.

Understand Your Audience

Be clear about needs, demands, and the kind of products or services the customers are willing to buy. Therefore, your customer service team should be able to quickly understand and resolve the issue and fulfill their requests. To make it possible, educate and train your remote team members to understand who they are talking to, how to send emails, or how to use social media for interaction.

Set clear KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) make it easier to evaluate employees’ performance. You should consider KPIs that are important for your remote working team and are achievable while working from home.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s hard to measure, yet vital. Your team should ask the customers directly about the product or service. You can add some varieties of products and services to make it interesting and request customers to rate your product on a scale of 1 to 10.

Customer Retention

It’s crucial to your business’s growth. Your team may interact with hundreds of customers every day, but how many of those convert into paying customers?

Service and Quality

It’s the most common KPI. Here, your team will ask customers to rate your service and the quality of the product or services. It entails reliability and assurances.

Use customer service solutions

Special or custom-built customer service software will get your staff and managers to keep track of conversations and emails. You can monitor that customer’s relationship and compare that with their previous communication history. It’s valuable when customer service teams move around the world. This ensures that every team can access the latest customer information in a convenient method.

Document processes

Documentation can make your customer services in-house or remote working teams more efficient and effective in delivering the task. You may ensure that your remote working teams are not short on training or knowledge of proper documentation.

What are document processes?

Document processes entail step-by-step details of particular tasks.

Too many checklists or excess data input commands can frustrate your customer service team. Make documentation short and easy for them. Make a job-specific checklists and procedures list for individuals.

If your remote customer service team is not aware of how to act in certain cases, they can end up infuriating the customers.

How do I store my documented procedures?

You can use Dropbox or Google Drive for data storage. There are other options as well.

If you are using remote servers to store the data, then ensure all employees have the option to upload their files, images, documents precisely. Its retrieval is easy at any stage.


Whether you are shifting from a site to work remotely or planning to arrange a 100% remote workforce, we hope the above information, methods, and precautions will help you achieve the same.

Spend a good amount of time revisiting your policies, methods, norms to set your remote workforce for customer service. It will give you success in the long-term plans.