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Why WordPress is best for SEO

Digital marketing sophistication is constantly evolving, providing plenty of opportunities for marketers. One such savoir-faire is the Content Management System. WordPress is one of the Content Management System which is extremely popular powering over 50% of the web since its release in 2003.With millions of downloads, WordPress is the best tool for SEO.

Content is the base of your website, and it fuels sales. SEO ensures that your content reaches the user by ranking high on the search engines. WordPress has loads of out of the box features that improve performance and that is why it is rated as one of the best for SEO.

Having said that, now let’s see the pre-eminent reasons that make WordPress the pick of the bunch for SEO.

1. Trouble-free User-experience

“My rule of thumb is build a site for a user, not a spider” says Dave Naylor and WordPress has brought it into reality. WordPress is an open-source website and blogging platform that offers free templates, hosting and support. The themes and plug-in work together fantastically to produce a website that is professional, eye-catching, and user-friendly. The result is that people stay longer on WordPress sites and the bouncing rate gets reduced. When the user loves the website search engines reward with an increase in the site’s SEO ranking.

2. Create Pretty Permalinks

The permanent links can be easily edited on the WordPress dashboard. All you must do is visit the settings and give the format that is required. Permalinks affect rankings in two ways:

• Keywords


Your ranking will be affected if the keywords are very thin on your site and when you get only a few clicks. This can harm your traffic and the visitors from social media. So, it is better to customize the permalinks.

3. Add metadata effortlessly

The title and the metadata are two significant factors of SEO and ranking. They improve the ways that the relevance of your site is measured by search engines and make it much easier for the crawlers to understand the content of your website and when you add appropriate keywords your site will rank for the keywords too. This is where the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO comes handy. With Yoast SEO it will take only a few minutes to post all your metadata.

4. Image SEO is a child's play

Images are important in making your content interesting, engaging, and attractive. They provide contextual information to the search engines. SEO optimized images increase the page loading speed, thus providing better user experience bringing more ranking opportunities. WordPress makes image optimization easy. Just go to the edit options of the image and fill the Alternative Textbox. Including keywords will improve the results. You can also increase the speed of the page by optimizing the size of the image. Make use of plugins and the many free options to optimize the images.

5. WordPress for mobile optimization

More than 60% of searches take place via mobiles hints the stats otherwise. Adapting to this trend is easier with WordPress. However responsive your website is you need to optimize it to be mobile friendly. But as most of the themes of WordPress websites are already mobile optimized there is nothing to worry about. It also gives you the opportunity to check the responsiveness of the site on various devices when you customize a website. Since Google has introduced mobile-first indexing, it is essential that your website is as responsive as possible for mobile to be high on the ranking.

6. Increased visibility with social media integration

Though there is no direct influence, social media integration brings with it strong online brand visibility. The frequent engagement in social media and the links that are shared across the various digital platforms power brand awareness and visibility. The more people interact with your brand in terms of likes, shares, comments the more it reaches the segmented audience.

7. Improve the Speed of the Site

The faster the pages get loaded the better the user experience is. It reduces the bounce rates and increases the time spent on the page. WordPress comes with themes that load faster. The secret is that they were created with plugins that were created to improve the loading speed.

8. The advantages of Plugins

WordPress has some awesome plugins that make jumping to higher ranks easier. Let's see some plugins and how they are helpful.

Yoast SEO:

1. Improves content optimization with a focus on keyword.

2. Helps to create content that is readable by both humans and search engines.

3. Offers templates with SEO titles and meta tags.

4. Full support for premium users

WordPress’s Google Analytics:

• You can view Google Analytics report without leaving WordPress Dashboard.

• Analysis of pages that hold statistics which make them stand out is possible.

• You can accurately measure the number of clicks for your banner ads, outbound links, and affiliate links.

9. Seamless integration with other software tools

When you integrate software tools that run seamlessly with your website, they increase engagement and eventually boost the rankings. The tools that can be integrated with WordPress are:

ConvertKit: This can be used to improvise email campaigns, forms, and landing pages.

Sucuri: This tool when integrated with Word Press provides high security.

G Suite: You can use this tool for emails, documents, and spreadsheets.

10. Themes that are SEO-friendly

Another component that the search engine spiders look for is a good webpage design. And the themes of WordPress contribute hugely to ranking as they are already optimized for SEO.

11. Get Community Support

With WordPress you are never alone. The popularity of the CMS has gathered tons of people for support in the support forums. Plus, there are loads of articles and websites that throw light on SEO strategies. In case you get stuck, you can resort to the help of the innumerable developers over there.

12. Optimize your blogs

To get the maximum results you need to continuously monitor the performance of the web content. As the title and meta description can be optimized automatically through plugins, this will help in getting maximum clicks. Additionally, it will exhibit a preview of what your users will find in Google when they search for your website. It also allows you to manage your content by topics as you can sort out your blog posts into proper tags and categories. Plus, it helps search engines to understand the structure and the content of your website.

13. Make comments section work for your ranking

Comments mean that there is huge interactive engagement going on with the website. And engagement again means a lot of traffic, and links that improve SEO. But too many comments can slow down the page loading speed. WordPress has a solution for this too. WordPress allows you to split the comments and distribute the burden into multiple pages and when you start to paginate your comments, you can avoid comments affecting the speed of loading.

14. Strong SEO friendly source code

WordPress provides staunch support at the backend. Firstly, it predominantly uses PHP. Next it includes all the appropriate HTML markups that make the content readily available for the search engine spiders. Recent years have seen more themes of WordPress using HTML5 along with cleaner codes that function on other devices such as mobiles also which is a pro in the SEO zone.

15. Untangled Sitemaps

Sitemaps help search engines to a great extent to find and crawl over the website easily. WordPress rolls out sitemaps by default and even updates the sitemaps whenever you add pages or change a page. Maintaining the site is also super easy as it is automated. Isn’t that wonderful? Google also feels the same and that is why it rewards with better rankings.

16. High quality links

High quality backlinks are always a sign of relevance and value that your website provides to the user. Similarly internal links, particularly, when they are structured to include keywords show that all the content are connected well and coordinate with the overall theme.

In Closing

If you have glanced through all the facts presented above and have concluded that you have more than enough convincing factors to go for a WordPress powered website, think again. Well, there is no harm in going ahead but we are sure you would like to consider the cons also:

1. Lots of Plugins are required

2. Change of themes and plugin updates are quite frequent

3. Your website can be spammed

4. Websites sink down without notice

How can Ezio Solutions help you?

Ezio is one of the top growth marketing companies in India that offers every kind of digital marketing service, particularly website design and development. We build websites that are eye-catching, secure, and that load faster. What about SEO? No worries! We optimize all the factors that contribute to ranking.

We are driven by the motto #SwimAgainstTheTide. As one of the best SEO companies in India, we have developed Site Audit Tool that can be used by our clients for FREE to analyze all the ranking factors, pick out the elements that pull the site down and can also perform a competitor analysis. We also offer clear results and quick fixes.

When you come to Ezio, one of the best web development companies in India, we make sure that we tailor-make a website within your budget and carry out SEO so that your website will:

• Rank higher

• Drive in more organic traffic

• Generate quality leads

• Stay ahead of the competition

• Provide better user experience

• Build relationships

• Promote brand awareness

• Stay mobile friendly

Get in touch with us to learn more about our digital marketing services and we will help you to grow your business.

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