10 Powerful Tips for Effective Google Ads on a Low Budget

10 Powerful Tips for Effective Google Ads on a Low Budget

If you are a business owner looking for big conversions for a small budget, then Google Ad will be the most profitable paid search campaign.


10 Powerful Tips for Effective Google Ads on a Low Budget

If you are a business owner looking for big conversions for a small budget, then Google Ad will be the most profitable paid search campaign.

With more than 3 billion searches made every day, Google provides a terrific opportunity to reach the targeted audience.

Plus, there is no minimum budget, and you pay only for the clicks.

What's more? Google Ads generate the highest ROI.

Find out in this article the smart but simple Google Ads tips and strategies to create and manage profitable paid search campaigns.

Check out your customers’ needs:

Put yourself into the customers’ shoes to discover their problems. Provide answers relevant to their issues and concerns like safety, cost, and efficiency. Show them how only your product is reliable.

create Awareness- provoke Interest-- make them Prefer your brand—complete Purchase cycle

Do a competitor analysis

Conducting competitor analysis is essential for running high performance PPC marketing campaigns. Start by uncovering the keywords that they are bidding on.

Next, check out the offers, credibility statements, and CTAs that they are using. Also, spy on the structure of your competitors’ funnel to come up with a better search engine marketing campaign.

Create a powerful USP:

Without an effective USP, your total search engine marketing campaign would be a disaster. Your USP shows how different your brand is from your competitors and this is a vital SEM strategy to stand out from the crowd.

Growing leads and increasing revenue from your PPC marketing campaigns will get easy if your USP answers this question convincingly: “Why should the customer choose you and not your competitor?”

Display irresistible offers

See that your PPC marketing campaign comprises these factors:

• Make sure that the value of the product that you offer outweighs the price tag.

• Give out a believable reason for your discount like year-end sale or any other.

• Reduce the risk with a money-back guarantee.

• Include a strong but simple Call To Action.

Find the money-making keywords

Uncover the keywords that will convert the best to bring big bucks.

Next ask yourself: “Can I afford to advertise on this top keywords?”

To find out the answer compare your business’s Max CPC to the estimated keyword CPC.

Create appealing Ads

If you want your Google Ads to attract qualified prospects you should create a compelling ad which will earn a high CTR. This in turn will boost your Quality Score.

A good Quality Score means lower cost per click and higher ROI.

To craft a good ad focus on:

1. Headline

2. Description line 1

3. Description line 2

4. Display URL


Try to include a keyword in your Headline. Make it more effective by adding a question. For example:

Don’t write as “Plumbers in California”

Instead, add a question: “Need plumbers in California?”

This will provoke the potential consumer to pick up the phone and call you.

Put all the offers, benefits of your service, your USP, social proofs and CTA in both the description lines.

Try to add a keyword in the Display URL

Write as www.domainname.com/NYC_electrician instead of simply putting the domain name.

Optimize your landing page

Optimize your landing pages by aligning the message of the landing page with the message of the landing page.

This will improve the CTR and conversion rates and will ultimately lower your CPC.

Make use of automation

Take advantage of automation. It takes care of everything from funnel stage, keywords, relevance, to competitors. It also makes sure that your bid automatically increases when your competition is set to win.

Don’t spread your budget too thin

When you have only a few bucks to spare then it is now wise to spread it too thin on too many keywords. Focus on priorities like specific keywords, market area, product, or demographics. You can opt for SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group) which will help to focus ideally the customers that you want for a less cost.

Track your conversions

Whether you run on a small or big budget, measuring the metrics is a must. Analyzing how people are reaching your site, the pages that are popular and what searches bring the users there will help in changing the strategies. On Google Ads itself you will find data and suggestions which you can make use of.

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