5 SEO Mistakes All Beginners Should Be Aware Of

5 SEO Mistakes All Beginners Should Be Aware Of

As a beginner, there is much to learn so we are giving you a short walk-through of the most mistakes to be aware of when it comes to search engine optimization.

Every few months, search engines, like Google, change a few things in their Algorithm to update and make it smarter. One of the main reasons this is done is to choose the best match-up content for the question that has been asked.

These updates are usually hard to grasp, especially for beginners. This leads to no significant growth in engagement or profits with your e-Commerce websites. Thus, to achieve your growth goal and traffic goal, the SEO team in your business needs to keep up with the latest updates of the search engine algorithms.

However, before we dive deeper into the common 5 SEO mistakes that are made by SEO beginners. Let’s take a look at a tiny brief about what SEO is and why it is essential for digital marketing services.

What Is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) means guiding and convincing the search crawlers that your content is the best-suited content for the search query.

So generally SEO services are here to help your business website content to be the first option for users’ questions. However, you need to make sure that your content is relevant and contains useful information about the query.

Moreover, there are new digital marketing services tools to assist your website content, such as making voice searches.

Why Is SEO Essential For Your E-Commerce Websites?

There are three aspects of SEO that help in improving the reach of your e-commerce website. This helps in growing the visitor engagement which results in improved ROI. These aspects are:

Natural Resulted Search

Natural result search means that your website ranks on the SERP (search engine result page) as an unpaid listing. The search engine detects that your content is more apropos to the search query. The reason behind that, search engines spot the advertised context thus, your website will get the first position on the search listing.

Featured Natural Traffic

To Be featured with organic traffic, the information provided on the website must be useful and relevant to the query. If it’s unrelated to the query this will lower your ranking mainly because users will be leaving your website without any interaction.

Volume Of Natural Traffic

For a good volume of traffic, you need to be relevant to the user query. This will take the top position on the search result page. Users are far more likely to click on more relevant search results. If your content is one of those, it will give a great volume of organic traffic flowing to your e-commerce website.

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What Are The 5 SEO Mistakes All Beginners Should Be Aware Of?

Weak Interlinking

Interlinking is a crucial component for SEO, it plays an essential role for your business website. Interlinking helps in:

Giving pathways to pages

Laying out authority to hidden pages to your website

Access to interactive facts

Adding anchor text

Interlinking to most important pages for search crawlers to detect

Poor Analytic

Keywords and phrases are not the main tools to get your traffic to grow, and getting more traffic does not mean that users are spending more time on the website.

There is no other way to figure out how the content is performing without analytic tools. Analytic tools measure your keywords and phrases to see if they are bringing in any traffic.

With the result of this analytic process, you will get the needed list of the most effective and productive keywords and phrases to boost optimizing the website.

Avoid Identical Content

Here you have to be careful not to use the same content or the same URL of the website.

If this saturation occurs, search engines can not choose which content to Index. Hence, the content will not be listed in the search results.

You can fix this by avoiding copying and pasting content from other websites. And to deal with Identical URLs, use lower-case and capital-case of your external and internal links for quilty linking.

Not Using Image Tags

There is no better way to attract users and search crawlers than using Images in your content. Especially when using distinctive images that are relevant to your content.

To use Image alt tags effectively, start by filling the description and image caption with real descriptions that are relevant to what’s the image capturing. That will behave like tipping for search engines to give the content top result.

No Clear Strategies For Marketing

A few years ago, SEO and Content marketing were not affecting each other. However thanks to constant algorithm changes, you have to consider content marketing with your SEO strategy.

To ensure you hold the ranked position, you need to be updated with the latest news from famous search engines. Then adjust according to it, which will keep your website away from SEO mistakes that most beginners fall at.


After pointing out the 5 mistakes beginners face while working with SEO and giving you a clear idea of how to avoid these mistakes.

There are many things for beginners yet to learn to ensure a high search engine ranking. That is why learning from an expert might be a good idea. You can also hire a professional company to help with that.