Whatsapp Marketing Strategies to promote your brand content title here...

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies to promote your brand content title here...

Whatsapp is a more powerful and cost-effective communication tool that businesses can use to promote their brand.

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users Whatsapp is considered the fastest growing social media networking app. With a rich set of features like instant messaging, free voice and video calls, automatic contact addition, and sharing of ebooks and PDFs Whatsapp is considered the most revolutionary communication medium for businesses to promote their brand. Every marketer needs to master these 8 proven Whatsapp marketing strategies to promote their brand and improve sales.

1. Whatsapp for Business App

There's a new version of the Whatsapp called WA Business (Whatsapp for Business). It is an android app built specifically for business people and available for free download for Android users. It comes with various unique features like automated messages, quick replies, message statistics, and business profile. You cannot expect more from this maiden release, but it's sure to provide a lot of benefits for business people in the near future.

2. Develop an engaging brand persona

Whatsapp is an intimate messaging platform that lets you connect with your friends and family members. If you need to seek the attention of your customers towards your brand you should first make them feel like a friend. So, the first strategy to promote your brand is to build an appealing brand persona that represents your brand with a Whatsapp number. The persona can be a real person or a fictional character who can lure your customers and make them engaged.

3. Build a database

Now that you've got your brand persona ready. So What next? You need to have as many customers number as possible to reach out to. You cannot send messages to customers unless and until you get invited by them to become their contact. In order to do this, you need to offer something in exchange for their phone number. It can be anything like a freebie, promo code, or valuable information. Once you add your customer, send them your promo code or offers which can help begin their affiliation with you.

4. Provide relevant content

The next strategy is to provide high-quality, unique content to ensure that users are engaged with you. The engagement rate of Whatsapp is more than that of any other social media network. As the core usage of Whatsapp is messaging, make your messages brief and more powerful.

5. Create and target groups

USEFUL LINKSWhatsapp lets you create groups of similar interests and start discussions. You can create groups on which your product or service specializes and share content or provide live support to the group members. This can increase your customer base and there are more chances of your messages to go viral if it's been shared by the group members with their friends. Ergo, group targeting is the best way to segment and target your customers.

6. Take customer support to a new level

With its wider reach, Whatsapp can be used as a great tool for rendering customer support. Rather than calling a helpdesk number or raising a query through the mail and waiting for the response, customers would always prefer to send a message over Whatsapp. You can provide guidance or live-video to help fix something. However, choosing Whatsapp to provide customer support may not be a good option for all types of businesses, especially when you get a lot of customer requests.

7. Do branding using profile picture and status update

Visuals create an enduring impression. Through your Whatsapp profile picture, you can promote your brand, new product, or special offers. You can also use the status update feature as a flash advertisement for your business. You can share a special promotional code, discounts, news about your business or demo your product or service in your status. Ensure that your profile picture and status grabs attention and encourages the customers to engage with your brand.

To wind up

Whatsapp is a more powerful and cost-effective communication tool that businesses can use to promote their brand. Just understand how the platform works and what are the expectations of the people. You can use the above-mentioned strategies as a roadmap for the successful promotion of your brand using Whatsapp. You can also get the help of a digital marketing company that can help you with more effective Whatsapp marketing strategies to promote your brand. Get your customers engaged in a whole new way.

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