What are the top taxi-hailing apps?

What are the top taxi-hailing apps?
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Here you will read about the best taxi apps and their unique features.

These days taxi applications have started to substitute for traditional taxi services.

According to statistics, the annual growth of the global ride-hailing service market will reach $126,521 million by 2025.

Because of this taxi booking app popularity, I intend to tell you about the best taxi apps.

Here are the best taxi apps and their unique features:


The company was started by Garrett Camp in 2009 with UberCab. Nowadays Uber is in 630 cities and continues to expand to new locations. One of the ways to expand is via the acquisition of similar services.

Uber has many categories to suit every user need and price range like UberPool, UberX, UberGo, UberBlack, and more.

Uber is constantly searching for other market opportunities so, it has started to experiment with parcel and food delivery.

As Uber has evolved over the long term and the costs spent to create it are hard to define. The approximate cost of an app like Uber, consisting of a taxi driver app and a passenger app, will be around $1M - $1.5M.

The initial investment in Uber taxi app development was several million dollars from 9 investors. Within the past nine years, Uber Technologies have raised more than $22B in funds for its taxi booking app development.


The Lyft appeared in 2012. At first, it worked under the name Zimride, which is a ridesharing service for long distances that connects drivers and passengers with the help of Facebook.

Nowadays the Lyft taxi booking app is a direct competitor of Uber.

Lyft’s unique characteristic is its rating system and the fact that they only keep drivers with the best ratings. As well, the Lyft taxi application has liability insurance of $1 million.


Curb is a taxi booking app with a pool of more than 50,000 taxis and a few hired cars across 65 US cities. The main difference with the Curb app is that the service does not have the controversial surge pricing for which Uber has been criticized. Surge pricing means that the price is adjusted in relation to the demand at a given time.


Grab is a taxi booking app operating in Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. This taxi mobile app provides a range of ride options and payment possibilities (a card, cash, Grab credits).


DiDi app is available mostly in China, across over 400 cities, and serves 550 million users. The company offers services such as Express, Premier, Luxe, Bus, Designated Driving, Enterprise Solutions, Bike Sharing, E-bike Sharing, as well as car rental and food delivery.


Gett is a taxi booking app operating in 100+ cities in the US and Europe. The competitive advantages of the Gett app are the ability to book your ride two weeks in advance and the provision of 24/7 passenger support.

Here you can get full information about what it is necessary to complete in order to create a taxi app wisely.