Axie infinity clone script

Axie infinity clone script

Start your NFT game platform like Axie infinity

In the cryptocurrency world, NFT being the famous and also easy money making platform for many developing entrepreneurs and artists, musicians. NFT gaming platform is the hot-topic and money making business model in the crypto space.

Axie infinity is one of the popular NFT game platforms. Let me explain what Axie Infinity is.

Axie infinity:

Have you ever played a game? Obviously many would say yes..!

Axie infinity is a battle based trending NFT gaming platform like pokemon. It is a completely blockchain enabled gaming platform and the players in the platform can earn rewards, collect tokens from the platform. It is one of the adventure and interesting games where the players can collect tokens, breed,pet, build a kingdom, trade their fantasy creation and also defend against the enemies during the war in game and so on. You can also earn real money by selling the game asset in the NFT marketplace.

Axie Infinity clone script :

Axie infinity clone script is an NFT gaming platform script like Axie infinity. It is an entire source code that is available readily and it helps you to launch your own blockchain-powered NFT gaming platform like axie infinity. It is developed in a manner where the players get more attracted by the UI design and functionalities. Axie infinity clone script is equipped with additional features and benefits. And it is also an entirely customizable solution where the features in the game can be edited based on the business requirements.

Functionalities of axie infinity clone script:




Axie breeding

Tokenomics of axie infinity:

Let us have a short look at how tokens are operating in the axie infinity platform:

Maximum axis token supply : 270 million (Axis is a native token of the Axie infinity platform).

ERC 20 token governance

20% of token share for team

Advisor gets 7% token share

Community growth - 8% token share

Game rewards and staking - 50%

Who provides the best axie infinity clone script?

Anyone can develop their own NFT gaming platform like axie infinity. And many blockchain development companies and NFT development companies are ready to provide you with instant clones of axie infinity. But among them you need to choose the best one clone script provider, and that would definitely be a difficult task for many entrepreneurs who are eagerly waiting.

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