Miracle Enzyme Serrapeptase: Uses, Safety Dosage & How It Works

Miracle Enzyme Serrapeptase: Uses, Safety Dosage & How It Works

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that aids in the process of protein digestion.

Serrapeptase: Introduction

Serrapeptase is called in different names by different people. Some of these are SER, Butterfly Enzyme, Silkworm Extract, Serratiopeptidase, Enzyme de Ver de Soie, Serrapeptidase, Silkworm Enzyme and Extrait de Ver de Soie. So, what is it? It is an enzyme (proteolytic) that helps in the digestion of protein. Being produced in silkworms (in their guts) by bacteria, it works in the digestion of cocoons (of silkworms). While some would like to regulate it as a chemical consumed as drug throughout Europe and Japan, it is referred to as a supplement. We shall refer to it as a supplement as well.

Serrapeptase: Uses



The following are some of the health conditions for which Serrapeptase is being used:

Arthritis, headaches (migraine and tension), back pain, inflammation (swelling/pain), heart disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), lumpy breasts (non-cancerous ones), breast pain arising from breast engorgement, asthma, empyema, and diabetes among others.

Serrapeptase: How it Works

The major function of Serrapeptase is to break down protein in the body. And, the major effect of this breakdown is a reduction of mucous as well as inflammation. Various studies have also found the supplement or drug to reduce/prevent coughing within few weeks of application. It also clears off sinuses resulting from facial swelling in post-surgery situations. Few days’ treatments can also take care of laryngitis and pharyngitis (reducing pains due to inflammation and overexertion, fever and swallowing difficulties on patients). While the safety of its long term use has not been verified, it is safe for adults to take it orally within a few weeks (as short term usage).

Serrapeptase: Warnings/Precautions

Since little or no information is known about how this drug works during pregnancy and after delivery for breastfeeding mothers, it is better to be on the safer side by avoiding it completely. Its use might increase the tendency to bleed as it interferes with clotting of blood. It is advisable for those having bleeding challenges to find out from their doctors if they are safe to use it or not. In a similar vein, anyone taking this drug should stop its use before proceeding to any form of surgery since there can’t be surgery without bleeding.

Serrapeptase: Possible Interactions

Just like other supplements, this product has some interactions. Patients should be careful when using or combining it with the following drugs: Drugs that have the tendency of slowing down blood clotting function such as antiplatelet or anticoagulant, aspirin, warfarin, ibuprofen, and naproxen among others. Since Serrapeptase slows down the process of blood clotting, it will be dangerous to combine it with any of these as it might lead to further complications.

Serrapeptase: What is the Right Dosage

You can check with your health provider to receive a prescription for the right dose compatible with your health condition. But for reduction of pain/swelling in the cheek in post surgery (sinus), Serrapeptase (10mg) can be taken three times prior to the day of surgery; then another one after the surgery, followed by 5 days post surgery treatment to be taken in the morning, noon and night. This dosage is for oral use only.

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