3 Forms of Estrogen You Didn’t Know Existed

3 Forms of Estrogen You Didn’t Know Existed

BiEstro Cream natural estrogen cream is infused with Estradiol, a potent form of estrogen, to help replenish the body with the estrogen it needs.

Low levels of estrogen often lead to unpleasant side effects that would absolutely drain all your energy. If you are experiencing a sudden change in your mood, hot flashes, night sweating, and insomnia, then it’s probably your decreased estrogen count that’s creating all those symptoms.

When your estrogen levels are dropping, you definitely need some support. Whole Family Products, your trusted natural health supplements store online offers a wide range of estrogen supplements and transdermals that can help alleviate the pain or discomfort that’s been bothering you for years due to estrogen deficiency.

However, when after using estrogen pills and creams for consecutive months and still finding no relief, Biestro Cream the natural estrogen cream is something you might want to look into.

BiEstro is a natural super estrogen cream that is made with only safe and high-quality ingredients to provide relief for the symptoms of low estrogen. What makes it different from your regular estrogen cream is that it is infused with two types of estrogen – 20% Estradiol and 80% Estriol.

Estrogen Forms

There are actually three forms of estrogen that are naturally produced in the body – the Estrone, the Estriol and the Estradiol.


Estrone is, generally, omitted for use in hormone therapy. The reason behind is the high risk of side effects associated with Estrone use.


Estriol is the weakest among the three forms of estrogen. It’s the most common form of estrogen used in pills and creams due to its decreased likelihood of side effects. If you think you have mild low estrogen symptoms, it is suggested that you check out estrogen creams with Estriol in it like our Estriol Oil for menopausal symptom relief.


Estradiol is the most potent form of estrogen. It is usually combined with Estriol for use in conditions where there is an increased need for estrogen hormone.

Both Estradiol and Estriol function to protect the uterus and prepare it for a possible pregnancy. Research suggests that they are effective in relieving vaginal dryness as well as night sweats and hot flashes.

However, Estradiol is believed to cause more side effects. Which is why it’s not always recommended as a first option in improving estrogen deficiency symptoms.

But then again, there are females who require more estrogen than what Estriol can provide. This is what we had in mind when BiEstro Cream was formulated.

BiEstro Cream: Natural Estrogen

BiEstro Cream by Whole Family Products

BiEstro Cream by Whole Family Products

BiEstro Cream is not your ordinary estrogen cream. With the combined properties of Estriol and Estradiol at 80:20 ratio, it supplies the body with an extra kick of estrogen hormone.

For the women who have tried many estrogen products and just can’t seem to find relief, BiEstro Cream may just be what you have been searching for. Using BiEstro cream is strongly recommended for women with a declining estrogen count who had tried progesterone, estriol or other supplements and still need a little something more.

Actually, Estriol Oil and Natural Estrogen Cream of Whole Family Products are two of the most effective natural estrogen supplements we recommend. But sometimes, there are women who need more so we had to come up with Biestro Cream – a product that answers the advanced need for estrogen.

But it is also worth noting that some females need progesterone more than estrogen to alleviate the discomforts. You might need to look into MenoBalance, the best progesterone cream for menopause.

However, if it is, indeed, a lack of estrogen hormones that’s causing your symptoms, then there’s no need to worry about trying Biestro Cream. BiEstro natural estrogen cream is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and gluten and soy-free. It’s perfect for females who are looking into natural products that provide excellent results.

We are proud to share BiEstro Cream to every woman who needs supplemental estrogen support such as this.

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