Boomers and Cycling

Boomers and Cycling

As we grow older how and when we cycle changes.

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As we grow older how and when we cycle changes. Cycling has changed so much over the years and the wonderful thing about cycling is that – unlike any other sport – it means different things to different people, even different things to the same person at different points in their life. Cycling has gone back to being a simple way to explore, a way to keep healthy, and a way to enjoy the outdoors. Many boomers haven't been on a bike since grade school - You never really forget how to ride a bike but there is a whole lot more about cycling to consider as a boomer then as a kid.

Build cycling into your everyday life

Cycling is a great form of transport and that is the key here: people talk about exercise but the best way to get exercise from a bicycle is to forget about exercise at all and just use it for doing the things you normally do, like going to the shop or to a café. If you do those things on a bike, you don’t even notice you’re doing any exercise because you’re just enjoying it. Consider doing your errands on a bike. When you think about how many times you run out to a convenience store, post office, etc., you could have some fun and get some good exercise, while you are at it and, without a lot of planning. There are all kinds of bags and baskets that snap on and off so you can even take them in the store with you.

Riding a bike is kind on your joints

Cycling is non weight-bearing so injuries tend to be very low. There is no jarring so it is very conducive to looking after your joints. You get a great cardiovascular and muscular workout without stressing the skeleton and tendons and that is perfect for older riders

Ride as consistently as you can

If you want to push yourself a bit, just aim for the sort of effort where if you are having a conversation you need to pause for breath every now and again and you are getting a bit sweaty. That’s why riding to work is a great way to do it. Two to three rides a week will keep you really fit.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably

You’ll enjoy cycling more if you have a decent position on the bike. Speak to someone at your local bike shop and ask them to look at your position. New riders (and even some that have been riding for some time) that struggle it is mainly because of bad saddle height . Loads of bike shops do bike fits and it is easy to get advice on Google. But low and high saddles are the most common mistake and it is well worth seeking out some advice. Don't get too concerned if you get a sore butt on the first several rides. This is normal and it will toughen up. Good bike shorts and some chamois butter will help this a lot. You may opt for a different saddle later but give it a little time.

Cycling is Social

Let’s not forget the social aspects of cycling. Riding with a group is fun and it helps you make the commitment to cycle on a regular basis.