‘Crystal Frequency Friday’!

‘Crystal Frequency Friday’!

“Crystal Frequency Friday”!! Featuring: ·.· Jadeite Serpentine ·.· ·.· Green Tree Agate ·.· ·.· Clear Quartz Orgonite Pyramids ·.·

jadeite serpentine

·.· Jadeite Serpentine ·.·

» Jadeite Serpentine holds the history of the Earth; this stone will help you connect to the heart and mind of Nature! It has a unique rooting effect with nature, enhancing your communication with the earth.

» Jadeite Serpentine is recommended to use while mediating outside to experience the earthen channeling effect that Serpentine emits. While diving deep into your consciousness, this crystal helps you feel the life force energy that is around us. We are all interconnected to a spiritual mass, and it’s present for us to tap into at any moment.

» Jadeite Serpentine is helpful in protecting against negative energy. Instead of this stone “sucking up” the bad energy from around you like a magnet, it will harden your psychic “shell” and helps shield you, making the negative energy bounce off.

» Serpentine is connected to the Heart Chakra, and is known to be helpful creating a sense of peace and calm.

Jadeite serpentine

Great ways to use:

• While meditating

• Use as pocket stone as a natural energy shield

• Place in your home or office in heavy energy areas

• Use outside to help deepen your connection

• Chakra balancing

Size: 2”

Price $3 each

green tree agate

·.· Green Tree Agate ·.·

  • The stone is believed to create a deeper and stronger connection to nature. Tree agate is also known as dendritic agate. Dendrites are crystal inclusions that develop in foliage or tree branch-like patterns! Fun fact: the ancient Greeks would sometimes bury this crystal in agricultural fields to promote a plentiful harvest.
  • Tree Agate is known to bring inner peace! It is recommended to use during meditative work. Meditating with a Green Tree Agate stimulates spiritual and emotional calm! Just as a walk within the forest may bring calmness, so it's said, tree agate brings a sense of peace and inner tranquility.
  • Green Tree Agate helps you connect to the natural cycles of life and open up the flow of prosperity and abundance! It will help you achieve balance and stability in all aspects of your life.
  • When keeping this crystal close, it is known to calm your nerves down and relax your body, while dissolving any egoism! It brings a lightness in your heart, mind, and spirit.
green tree agate

Great ways to use:

• Meditation

• Use as a worry stone to bring calmness

• Carry with you while connecting with nature

• Use in manifestations work

• Chakra balancing

Size: 1.5” ‘Worry Stone’

(Flat grooved side great for rubbing with your thumb to relieve stress and negative emotions)

Price $7 each

Featuring a crystal that will always remain one of the most spiritually rich crystal of all time; Amethyst!

·.· Amethyst ·.·

  • Amethyst is a power stone dispelling negativity and enhancing psychic abilities! It vibrates at a high frequency creating a bubble of spiritual protection! This is a great crystal for empaths!
  • Using Amethyst while meditating helps bring you in a higher state of consciousness! Amethyst is known for clearing the mind! It’s connected to your crown and third eye chakra!
  • Since it’s said to provide spiritual protection this is a great crystal to keep under your pillow to enhance good dreams and keep nightmares away! It’s also known to help with sleep problems.
  • Amethyst assists in balancing moods and diffusing stress. This crystal brings soothing energy, helping your body to relax.

Great ways to use:

• Meditation

• Charge and amplify water

• Placing bedside or under pillow

• Self care routine to calm body

• Chakra balancing

Size: 6cm ‘sphere’

(Crystal spheres emit energy is all directions making this a very powerful shape to work with!)

Price $26 each

Featuring a very powerful piece that is made with crystals designed to protect our energy fields; Orgonite Pyramids!

·.· Clear Quartz Orgonite Pyramids ·.

·.· Clear Quartz Orgonite Pyramids ·.
  • Orgonite is used to cleanse negative energy and to counteract the effects electromagnetic waves have on our bodies. Specifically it does NOT block the EMF ( Electromagnetic Fields) because it if did, our phones, computers and devices wouldn’t work! Rather it structures and transmutes the waves so that the bodies natural cell division and replication process is not interfered with!
  • Orgonite is made up of three materials. It is a mix of resin (organic, as it is based on petrochemicals), and metal shavings (inorganic). A quartz crystal is also added because of its piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure (resin shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quartz crystal, further enhancing the effects and activating the crystal). The Orgone energy is then guided by the crystal used.
  • There are SO many ways to use these beautiful pyramids! Fun fact there are numerous Orgonite pieces buried in the soil around cell phone towers all around us thanks to a number of noble humans that took the health our energy fields seriously!
  • Of course there’s significant importance of having these close to any device that transmutes EMF but essentially they make the air and life force in the home clean and positive. It is a great centerpiece for a business or home environment- kids room, kitchen, living room etc. They can be placed anywhere you want to clear ambient energy!

Size: 3” wide 2.5” tall

Price $25 each

So I know that last post I got super nerdy throwing a lot of knowledge at you all at once, so to break it down in summary:

  • Orgone is a name given to the vital “life energy” of nature which is found everywhere, including in the human body. As a natural energy it is depleted in an un natural City environment
  • Orgonite pyramids are made up of resin, metals and crystals; magnetizing Orgone energy
  • Orgonite does not block EMF but rather transmutes the waves so the bodies cell division isn’t interefere with.

How Orgonite works:

The radiation released from power cables, cell phones, wifi boxes and other electronics comes out chaotically like light bolts. It’s also loaded with positive ions which are damaging and disharmonious to all living organisms. What happens is when the energy from the pyramid meets the electromagnetic fields, it structures it into more parallel waves through a process called quantum coherence.

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