Make Your House Look Good

Make Your House Look Good

To make your house look modern, you can opt for wall molding, also popularly known as crown molding.

If you are an ardent supporter of architectural structures and love how modern architects and interior designers design houses, you must have thought of potential designs that you can do with your ceiling.

To make your house look modern, you can opt for wall molding, also popularly known as crown molding. This gives a touchy sense of the royal museums and also makes the house look elegant.


Crown molding can be done in the walls as well as in the ceilings. One of the unique things is to try it for the ceiling. If you try this crown molding in your shelters, it will give out an amazing theatrical feel. It is unique as compared to the regular false ceilings. It gives a beautiful waffle ceiling feel, and the lighting also provides a different effect to the room. You can feel the vibes because of these coffered ceilings.


If you are here, that means there is a good chance that you will install wall molding in your house. However, you should note that installing a wall molding is not that great a task if you employ experts.

There is a high chance that you may not be able to pull off the thing properly, and then it may cause collateral damage. Hence it is better not to take any risk and call in the experts and get your ceiling fixed.


Choosing the designs is one of the most important parts of this process. You can choose the ceiling based on the vibe you want to set for your house. The types of waffles you want to develop and also the color that you want. Other than that, you can also choose the lighting you can put up based on this selection of ceilings.

Heritage and Structure

Today when we speak of coffered ceilings, we often realize that these designs have always been various forms and figures. You can find these designs in the Pantheon of Rome, Notre Dame of France, and even in the famous Sistine Chapel of the Vatican City. This proves that Coffered ceilings are engraved in the History and culture of a man. Therefore, our styles have changed a lot, but the basic structure has remained the same. We have been more prone to minimalism in recent years, and hence our designs have been simplified. However, we have had that tendency to stick to our heritage has always been a favorite thing of humankind.

Pros and Cons

  • The most famous pro of having a waffle ceiling is to make that effect in the house that the ceilings are high even when they are the same.
  • It gives a unique vibe to the house and enhances the aesthetic value of the house.
  • It also absorbs sounds and helps in eliminating echoes.

However, on the other hand, we can say that

  • Coffered ceilings can be an extravaganza and a bad investment.
  • It can represent a lavish lifestyle.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance that is not always possible.


We have pointed out the details, and you can also decorate your house efficiently only if you are willing to learn enough of it.