5 Fantastic Websites to Sell Stock Photos

5 Fantastic Websites to Sell Stock Photos

Handy with a camera, but have never considered earning from your hobby? Maybe it is time to try and sell stock photos, using one of these great websites.

With the internet serving as the best-uninterrupted network for connecting us with other people, find inspiration has never been easier. Among all the other things, photography has emerged as one of the most preferred fields by a large number of people. This is such an amazing skill that gives you the ability to express real-world objects in a really different and amazing way.

Once you land in it, you will get to know that there are a lot of categories to explore here. Among all those categories, stock photos are the ones that are in demand the most. If you are also in the field of stock photography, this article is going to help a lot. In the next section, we are going to talk about stock photos in brief then there will a list of the best websites to sell stock photos.

Stock photos in brief

Stock photos are those photos that are intended for a specific use. These photos are sold by the creators and businesses and other organizations use these photos for several purposes. There are different licenses that govern the usage and distribution of these photos.

The industry that involved the creation, distribution and usage of these photographs is called stock photography.

In order to be good at it, one needs to know about the demands in the market and the preferences of people as well. Apart from creating really nice photos of industry-standard, this field also offers good earnings to those who are good at it.

Colourful photographs perfect if you want to sell stock photos

Photographs in a grid

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Best sites to sell stock photos

Now that we have talked about the fundamentals of stock photography. That information is enough to help you proceed further. Here, we are going to talk about some of the best sites to sell stock photos. Taking a look at this list will help you a lot if you are enthusiastic about selling your photos.


Shutterstock is one of the most popular names associated with stock photography. The database of Shutterstock has over 350 million images which is not a small number. This platform is not only good for selling stock photos only.

The community that you will find here is really helpful. Once you become a part of Shutterstock, you will get to interact with one of the best photographers in the world. They all keep on sharing their ideas and tips about stock photography. Such an environment will play a big role in enhancing your skills in stock photography.

While here, selling photos is not the only thing that can help you make money. If you make a referral to another photographer, it would also help you earn money based on the contribution of that photographer.


Alamy is also counted among the websites having one of the largest collections of stock photographs. The database of Alamy has no less than 60 million photos. There a lot of platforms where you can sell stock photos. But photographers complain that they don’t make much money through those websites. And this is the point where Alamy is considered one of the best. On Alamy, photography can earn up to 50% on each sale of his photo.

And the other amazing thing about Alamy is that stock photographers are allowed to sell their stock photos exclusively here. Joining this platform to sell photos is also a rather easy process. All you have to do is to fill in a form and then there is a test for the quality of your stock photos. If you pass that quality test, you are ready to go.

Screenshot of popular stock photo site Stockphoto.com


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Looking at the sites where you can sell stock photos, stockphoto.com has emerged to be one of the best in class. Based on the facilities that you will get here, it is one of the best sites to sell stock photos.

The most admirable thing about using this website is the flexibility that they offer to contributors. If you are 18 years or above and own everything that you are uploading here, you are fine to go.

And then there is no such rule that you have to an exclusive contributor on Stockphoto.com. You are free to sell your photos anywhere while using stockphoto at the same time. Stockphoto.com has a diverse customer base who are always looking for something unique.

So, anyone who is good at capturing photos, making videos, or preparing illustrations for the same purpose will find this website the best.

Getty Images

Getty images is quite a famous name in this category. This website is not only a rich source of stock photos but it also has images that are very good for editorial usage.

This is the reason why most photos appearing in articles, magazines, and newspapers are from Getty Images. The customer base here is so huge and diverse that you have a lot of opportunities to sell what you are good at.

Making your way in here might be quite difficult. But we have found that people at Getty Images usually try to choose the best photos using Flickr. This clue may serve as a precious tip to make your way to Getty Images.


123RF is one of the best places to sell stock photos online. The policy governing the earning of contributors here is very much friendly. The well-established photographers here earn about 60% royalty. Even those who have just started earn up to 30% royalty.

Getting started with 123RF is a really easy process. All you have to do is sign-up and start uploading. The rate of increment in your commission depends on the frequency of your uploads.

The quicker you upload, the more will be the commission. With such an easy and contributor-friendly environment, it is really a big advantage to get started with 123RF.

Final thoughts

I hope that you found this article helpful in providing you information about the best sites to sell stock photos. There are several other sites that are also amazing.

Once you get started with this process, you will learn about it. If you are a beginner, these stock photography websites are definitely going to be of great help.