Basic things you’ll need if you’re moving out on your own

Basic things you’ll need if you’re moving out on your own

We often don’t pay attention to things we use on a daily basis because we have access to them all the time, and we always have them. If you’re moving out, here’s a list of things that you should keep in mind to get for yourself because, as evident as they are, we, as humans, are forgetful beings. If you plan on going on a hunt for the following things, then make sure to check out woolworths online promo codes to save some money on your purchases.

Hygienic Products

Whenever we walk into the shower, we don’t really count the number of things that we are using. Here's what you'll need on a regular basis, and you'll need to get it for yourself when you go off to live on your own. Shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, shower mat, toilet paper, towel, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, nail cutter, body lotion, water bucket (for those rare times when running water goes out) and even slippers for the shower if you’re sharing a washroom.


No matter the number of electronics you use, you will still want access to multiple electrical outlets, so don’t forget to pack your extension cord and, preferably, with a lengthy wire, to have it within reach at all times. Extra batteries are a necessity because we use them on the smallest of electronics and don’t realize the need to have them until one of our electronics dies. A torch is still necessary, no matter how advanced we get, because the power can go out, leaving you in complete darkness. A taser is a must for you if you will be living alone or will be travelling often.


This one’s basic and simple. You need to make a comfortable space where you can crash at the end of the day. Make sure you have double the number of sheets and pillowcases that you'll need so that you always have a fresh pair of sheets. If you aren’t getting a mattress of your own, then get yourself a mattress topper to make sure the bed doesn’t give you a backache or disrupt your sleep.

Kitchen supplies

Here’s a list of things that will make your life easier and could easily prove to be significant in your life. A portable blender, a knife, a cutting board, cutlery, two of every dish in different sizes, containers to store all sorts of leftovers or food items that require sealing, a water bottle, a saucepan to make quick meals, a small fry pan so you always have a surface to prepare a meal on and a tray which can also be used as a table if you plan on eating on an unstable surface without making a mess.

Cleaning supplies

These basic things will help you keep your space clean. A handheld brush/duster, a mop, detergent, dish soap and brush, a laundry basket to keep things sorted and an antiseptic solution to keep all your surfaces free of bacteria.


Here are some of the uncategorized items that have proven to be a must have: a scissor, a step stool, hangers because you will always need some extra ones, a first aid kit as you can never be too sure of getting stuck in emergency situations. Also, a bug spray to protect you from those pesky insects.

Make sure you keep noting the things you use in daily life to save yourself the time and hassle of making lists.