A guide to women dresses for all occasions

A guide to women dresses for all occasions

You cannot count the women wearing or dress code on your fingertips our dressing says a great deal about who we are influences all kind of impressions people judge others by their clothing and make and make a statement in mind about their standard of living just in one meet up so make a perfect conclusion of your in people's minds with the way you look if people think that dressing is not a matter so note the famous saying first impression is the last and it works

The dressing is an Art

The art know-how to carry ourselves according to the environment dressing for the occasion is mean giving respect or attention to the event and the owner of the event or the surrounding.

If you think the opinion of people do not matter for you, so it's not possible every single opinion is the big mater for you that's why we are giving you almost the easiest guide to buying, but before that, I want to tell you the place from where you can easily buy the perfect dress code as per your personality in reasonable price


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1. Skits & shorts

2. Jumpsuits & knits

3. Gift card

4. Jackets

5. Maxi & Midi Dresses


is the formal event in which groom have to wear a tie or shirt and the bride is wearing a long maxi they all are planned according to theme women always decided to wear white on the day of their wedding and the light accessories its look pretty because it's all are planned

Cocktail party

is the big and informal party in which no theme nothing everyone has to wear anything according to their chooses but if we look according to the actual dressing scene the most suitable dresses to wear in a cocktail party is dressy-casual or semi-formal women are wearing long knees midi dress and men are wearing shirts and formal pants

Dinner party

dinner dressing depends on the situation if it is with the office collages, so it's mean it official dinner or if it is with the family, so it means it is a semi-official dinner or if you and your small family making dinner it means it's casual so do your dressing according to this little tips, so your will stand out from all crowd