How to manage a Construction Project?

How to manage a Construction Project?

In this article you will learn how to manage a construction project and why is it necessary.

The iconic monuments and skyscrapers tend to please our eyes with its breathtaking design and architecture. From the very start of a project to its completion, it requires a lot of manual labor, architects, engineers, equipment, supervision, and yes, proper management to govern all these.

The very first step towards the execution of a project is planning and identifying the main goals of that project and, after that, working on the budget and time constraint to adjust your plans as per the required deadline. Discussing the project with the team and assigning the tasks based on their professional skills is another essential part of managing the project.

What is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management typically includes complex tasks that can shift wildly, depending on the paintings at hand, and it requires strong abilities in communication, in-depth know-how of the construction process, and the capability of problem-solving. Hence, comes the role of the construction project manager.

A construction project manager possesses leadership qualities, teamwork, knows the importance of time, budget, and cost management, and has the knowledge of collaborative skills.

Role of Construction Project Manager

The major role of a construction project manager are-

1. Planning and leading the construction team- Cost Measures, Health, and Safety Standards.

2. Coordination and cooperation with the team to achieve the set target.

3. Management of various Stakeholders- Suppliers, Clients, and Sub-Contractors.

4. Supervision of Labor

5. Monitoring and Supervision of the Construction Site.

A construction project manager must possess the skill of managing and getting control over dier situations. For instance, construction work is dependent on weather and several other factors that are out of human control, in such cases, the CPM should be able to look after the situation instead of panicking over it.

Different phases of Project Management

There are various phases of project management:

Phase 1: Conception and Initiation

Phase 2: Project charter

Phase 3: Project initiation

Phase 4: Definition and Planning

Phase 5: Scope and budget

Phase 6: Work breakdown schedule

Phase 7: Gantt chart

Phase 8: Communication plan

Phase 9: Risk management

Phase 10: Launch or Execution

Phase 11: Status and tracking

Phase 12: KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

Phase 13: Quality

Phase 14: Forecasts

Phase 15: Performance and Control

Phase 16: Objectives

Phase 17: Quality Deliverables

Phase 18: Effort and cost tracking

Phase 19: Performance

Phase 20: Project close

Phase 21: Project punch list

Phase 22: Reporting

Steps to set up a Construction Business

If you are the one planning to start a construction business, you must delve some information on which part of the construction industry you want to get your hands on. The best part of having your own business is that you would be mastering your work on your own.

It's necessary to know your niche before starting the business. Having a solid business plan will gauge where you stand. One of the major parts is to gather funds, get loan approval, and get a financial backup. After you plan and set up the following, you need to focus on the current demographic trend.

While setting up a large construction company, you will have to see on which sector would you like to get into, for example, residential (houses, buildings, etc.); non-residential ( including educational and commercial) or massive projects like highways, roads, bridges, dams, etc. or the industrial sector including mills, chemical plants, iron manufacturing plants, etc. It's essential to have clear goals and plans before stepping up.