Travel Hacks: Get Around Town Faster and in Better Style

Travel Hacks: Get Around Town Faster and in Better Style

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After spending a long time indoors, people are ready to leave their homes and re-enter the public realm. But it’s been a little while since we’ve even been outside, so maybe you’re rusty!

Even the most devoted globe-trotter or man-about-town can stand to learn a thing or two. Read on for tips about how to improve the way you get from point A to point B.

Pack Properly

Packing is an art, and travelers must work on their craft. The goal goes beyond merely making sure you have everything you need for the trip.

With planes now charging extra for additional luggage, wise packing can be a direct way to save money and time. For example, if you know how to pack a suit in your carry-on bag when you need to attend a wedding or take a short business trip, you can avoid checking in any luggage altogether.

Dodge extra fees, and you won’t have to wait at the luggage carousel when your plane touches down. Just exit the plane and get the first taxi at the stand. While people wait for their luggage, hoping it’s not lost, you’ll be on the move.

Suitable Clothes

Commuting can be pleasant or a nightmare depending on how your body is feeling — are you too hot? Cold? Sweaty? You don’t want to be uncomfortable in a confined space for an extended period, so the clothes you wear while traveling are crucial.

Clothing that wicks away moisture and regulates your body temperature is great. It’s even better when the same article of clothing can be worn for every situation from brunch to last call.

There are t-shirts made of fine Merino wool that do all this naturally, and they’re even wrinkle- and odour-resistant too. They’ll come out of your suitcase looking sharp, so they’re great for your local commute or your international adventures.

Whether you’re on the subway, plane or train this summer, your trip will be far more pleasant when you look and smell fresh and feel good despite the occasional stickiness of summer.

Bike Around Town

Cities around the world are ramping up their infrastructure to make cycling safer, and this news couldn’t be better. Have you ever seen cars stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, only to watch streams of bicycles cruising past? This could be you!

Bikes cost a fraction of what cars cost, and there are no fees associated with parking, insurance, or fuel. You’re unlikely to pedal huge distances, but you’d be surprised by how much faster biking can be than driving when it comes to short trips in the city.

We’ve been largely indoors for months, and the outside world is beckoning. This summer, move with style and slickness by making sure you know how to pack strategically, get a bike to cruise with, and wear fashionable clothes that can beat the heat.