Our Favorite Teas You Need to Try

Our Favorite Teas You Need to Try

Below are some of the best blends on the market or coming to the market soon.

If you’re like us you absolutely adore tea. There’s nothing more soothing than having a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day. Before the responsibilities start piling up and the chores need to be handled, there is a space of time where no worries exist. And in that space, you can just relax. Below are some of the best blends on the market or coming to the market soon.

Vanilla Black Tea

Because pure black tea has a higher concentration of caffeine than other teas, it naturally has a stronger aroma. However, it shouldn’t smell or taste pungent. Black tea should smell earthy or smoky. Some would even describe the taste as malty. Vanilla black tea, on the other hand, has a sweeter scent and after-taste. Usually produced with vanilla extract, vanilla black tea is one of the more popular of flavored black teas.

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea, even though part of the coneflower family, may not have the most ideal smell. Still, the health benefits it provides out-number any aromatic inconveniences it brings. The herb is most known for its immune-boosting capabilities. According to scientists, regularly drinking echinacea can significantly reduce your chances of getting the common cold or flu.

Chamomile Tea

The crisp, clean scent of Chamomile tea can be enough to put anyone’s mind at ease. The herb comes from the plant family that includes daisies and sunflowers and has a chemical compound, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the herbs' analgesic qualities, many women have taken chamomile tea to relieve menstrual symptoms.

CBD-infused teas are made from high-quality ingredients that don’t alter the taste but enhance the experience. They make you feel more calm and ready to tackle the day ahead, and they also have anxiety-reducing properties.

One of the best brands to try is the internationally-sourced CBD-infused sweet chamomile herbal tea coming soon from Olli Brands. Cannabis infused goods by Olli are made with quality ingredients to create delicious, stress-reducing high-end tea blends that are guaranteed to help you relax and unwind. Visit their site to learn about the different varieties that will soon be available.

Turmeric and Ginger Tea

Lately, turmeric has been everywhere. It’s used in gourmet dishes to face masks, body scrubs, and eye balms. And although the Asian spice can do wonders, the best way to use it is by ingesting it. As a tea blend, the ginger and turmeric complement each other well, curbing any strong spicy after-taste.

Hibiscus Tea

A popular drink in the Americas, hibiscus tea can be served both hot or cold. The plant is native to the tropics and is known by a variety of names, depending on the location. In Mexico, Central, and South America, this beverage is part of a group of drinks called agua fresca. It carries a sweet yet tart flavor that reminds some people of cranberry juice.

Matcha Tea

Matcha, part of the green tea family, is one of those teas that tastes the way it looks. Its vibrant color automatically lets you know the taste is more plant-like than other teas. Some have described it as grassy or vegetal with earthy notes, which makes sense considering how it’s made. Towards the end of their harvesting, Japanese farmers will shade the plant to boost its chlorophyll content. Matcha’s health benefits have been touted for many centuries and can help with bloating and other weight-related issues.

We’re all tea lovers and that means we find nothing more enjoyable than discovering a new blend. Hopefully, we’ve tuned you into new tea options to drive you wild.