How to Fix a Slow Security Clearance System

How to Fix a Slow Security Clearance System

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Timing, they say, is everything, and that goes for your security clearance at work. You need something that works quickly and efficiently — whether you’re in construction, healthcare, or retail. This marriage of speed and security is the only way you can streamline processes without sacrificing your staff’s well-being, property, or the confidentiality of your work.

While having security guards watching entryways and security points may give you physical assurance, there are some downsides. Relying on these professionals to verify the identity of every employee and visitor that walks through your doors is a time-intensive task.

If you’re a large organization with thousands of professionals on your payroll, the sheer number of people can overwhelm your very human security team. So, what can you use to enhance the eyes and ears of your security operation? Find the answers below.

Security ID Card Readers

It takes time to physically check each and every person by hand, but tech-based security tools can significantly decrease the time it takes to clear security. But the only way for this to work is if the tech you rely on day-to-day works at its best, every single time. No glitches, no delays.

Digital photo ID cards and readers can offer that performance you expect at speeds you need. As an added bonus, digital photo ID cards can also help you manage employees, control access to authorized locations, and oversee guests who visit your business.

In-House Printer Systems

Why outsource the task of printing your secure ID cards when it’s faster and less expensive to complete it in-house? Having your very own ID card printer can significantly reduce how much time it takes to produce cards for new employees. Cost-savings is another benefit, as you won’t have to pay a middle-man to print.

The experts at Avon Security Products say any successful ID card program requires a professional ID card printer. But with so many brands and models to choose from, it may be challenging to choose one on your own. For a smooth experience, let Avon Security Products protect you with their ID card printers. Their ID card printers come with unmatched support at every step, including helping you choose the ideal model for your needs.

Contactless Photo ID Cards

Contactless ID cards simplify your security system even further. These IDs perform much like the bank card in your wallet. At the store, you hover over a POS to access your account and complete a purchase. At your security checkpoint, your card reader will scan any contactless card from a short distance.

A security system that requires absolutely no contact has never been more appropriate. As businesses slowly return to normal, the contactless digital technology of these cards allows you to support social distancing measures back in the office or out in the field.

No matter what your field may be, security is a top priority, but it shouldn’t compromise your ability to get down to work. If your current security system is causing frustrating delays and interruptions, consider what a security ID card printing system can do for you. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.