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The communications industry has been forever changed by 5G — fifth generation — technology. By 2023 there is predicted to be 1 billion 5G subscriptions, accounting for close to 20 percent of all mobile data users. In the world of mobile apps, 5G and Cloud technology are becoming more and more intertwined.

Let’s look at the ways in which 5G technology and cloud technology mix and mingle, thanks to the rise of cloud-based applications. We might even throw in a few tips on making a great app along the way.

Integration Across Industries

The speed and efficiency of 5G technology offers a lot of potential for leaders across industries —from healthcare to transportation, and beyond. This innovation will enable developers to incorporate additional technologies with a more seamless transition. 5G offers cloud-based businesses and developers a swift investment with its enriched functionality and flexibility.

This increased functionality brings a need for cloud-based applications across smart devices. As an example, wearable devices without sufficient internal storage, often relying on larger devices to store their data, will function independently with help of 5G providing a consistent tether between devices.

How 5G Improves Cloud Technologies

When 5G and cloud-based applications are combined, they open doors for developers and business owners. Streaming challenges will be reduced, while artificial intelligence will be able to improve their data intake capabilities. Through 5G’s improvement to cloud technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality will become more commonplace and bring their innovations to industries such as travel, healthcare, and retail.

How the Consumer Benefits

From a customer’s perspective, the future of cloud-based mobile apps will continue to impact their daily lives. The tasks we require our smart devices to complete are becoming increasingly complex, which then results in a need for reliable service and increased speed.

The apps we use daily are often cloud-dependant —and will greatly benefit from 5G’s lack of delays and consistent performance. The development of 5G technology offers app developers the chance to create a program with the ability to reach its full potential, leaving no innovations behind. When users download these apps, they’ll be fully immersed in everything it has to offer.

Cloud-based Applications Will Be a Developer’s Dream

Cloud computing technology is on the rise, with more businesses and developers interested in experiencing the benefits that come with this data storage solution. We’re seeing an increasingly growing list of reasons why this technology is the future of the smartphone experience.

Cloud mobile apps offer a seamless integration, allowing developers to sync their data with the cloud server. This allows them to avoid creating complex codes to integrate their database — while it can be time-consuming, in the end it offers more benefits for both the developer and the user.

The cost of developing an app will depend on the features integrated, but cloud-based storage frees up developers to focus their time and energy elsewhere, ultimately reducing costs.

When it comes to platforms, developers can launch on iOS and Android simultaneously — cloud-based apps can function on both operating systems. Not only does this benefit the user and their ability to utilize both platforms, it also minimizes the work for the developer and makes implementing tasks much easier — additionally, this allows their app to become exposed to a wider audience and improve their chances of gaining more downloads.

With 5G user numbers expected to climb from millions to billions, scalability is often one of the most important factors when it comes to developing a mobile app. Developers need to continuously make improvements and upgrade their existing app in order to meet their user’s changing needs. Working with a cloud-based app provides the developer with the tools to scale effectively, always keeping their customer’s needs as their top priority.