Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances Well Worth the Investment

Energy Efficient Windows and Appliances Well Worth the Investment

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It’s not an exaggeration. By switching to energy-efficient appliances, you can literally save hundreds per year on your utility bills. Many homeowners already enjoy the benefits that these upgrades bring. Don't be the only one paying higher utility bills this year.

An Energy-Efficient Home

One of the most important things to keep in mind during any renovation or remodeling project is to always purchase from a reputable company. Energy-efficient products, especially, should come with a firm warranty that lasts for as long as you own your home.


Nothing screams good investment like replacement windows. As a homeowner, you benefit from energy-efficient windows in every season. During the winter, the warm air stays trapped inside, which lowers heating expenses. And during the summer months, your place remains comfortable, keeping the air-conditioning costs down.

Look for a window installation company that supplies ENERGY STAR® windows to maximize your investment. Then, sit back while you save money and let the sunshine in with your new replacement windows.

Washers & Dryers

Washers and dryers are part of the top five energy-hungry appliances you can’t live without. Together, these two machines can account for up to 14% of your energy bill.

The latest in washing machines are quite eco-friendly because they use less water and consume less energy while still getting your clothes sparkling clean. Washers no longer need to fill a tub of water to clean them nor to soak. To rinse, the machines come equipped with high-pressure spraying.

Some of the latest features for energy-efficient dryers include low heat settings and moisture sensors. In a lower heat setting, longer drying cycles will consume less energy, and moisture sensors ensure that the dryer cycle automatically ends once it senses the clothes have dried, regardless of the programmed time.


As one of the more frequently occupied spaces in your home, the bathroom gets a lot of use. So, it only makes sense to install some money-saving appliances here, too. The showerhead is typically the first, and sometimes, the only energy-efficient upgrade the bathroom will get, which is a loss. Though installing a new showerhead will substantially decrease water consumption and energy, that isn’t the only way to reduce your carbon footprint.

A high-efficiency toilet, on average, uses less than half the amount of water conventional toilets use per flush. That is a huge difference. This advanced technology categorizes toilets into three types: single-flush, dual-flush, and pressure-assisted, ensuring that you’re only using the energy you need and never more.


Besides heating and cooling systems, the refrigerator is the number one energy-consuming appliance in your home. First, any fridge nearing a decade old that’s still in use should be replaced without question. Eco-friendly technology has advanced in the past few years making your old refrigerator an energy-hungry monster. Look for models with an energy saver switch and avoid purchasing fridges with the icemaker function. However convenient this feature is, it also makes your fridge consume more energy.

The hundreds you save on utility bills can go to so many other things, too. It could pay for those dance classes, that gym equipment, some more renovations on the property, or put it towards your ultimate dream vacation once lockdown ends. Save money on utility bills and spend them somewhere else!