Businesses Need to Keep Safe from Data Breaches

Businesses Need to Keep Safe from Data Breaches

Whether it’s contact information about customers or clients, or proprietary data about your company, it pays to keep a tight lid on things.

If you’re in business, you have a lot of sensitive information that can’t be made public without causing expensive problems.

While digital data breaches occupy most news headlines about high-profile leaks, the fact is that non-digital breaches can be every bit as damaging. Read on to learn how professional shredders can prevent that from happening.

Eliminating Paper Securely

Sensitive paper documents can’t just be tossed into the garbage, where they can be retrieved. Professional shredders like Absolute Destruction make sure to securely eliminate any papers you turn over to them.

Their services are convenient, too. With one phone call, a mobile shredding truck will arrive at your location to shred papers right from the curb. This way, there’s no opportunity for sensitive documents to get lost in transit. Plus, you don’t need to lift heavy boxes across town.

If you have a backlog of papers that exceeds the capacity of the mobile shredding truck, the company will dispatch a truck to your location, then haul your documents to their facility for secure destruction. In both cases, you should receive a certificate of destruction to signify that the papers you turned over to them no longer pose any data liabilities.

Shredding Electronics

Just like paper documents lying in the trash can are right there for the taking, electronic devices can’t be lazily discarded either. Whether you’re working out of a depopulated office or home, your workspace likely contains devices storing gigabytes of information.

It’s difficult to scan an electronic device for sensitive material, so if you have obsolete electronics you don’t use anymore, they need to be disposed of safely. Pro shredders will pulverize the microchips on the device, so it’s impossible to retrieve the information stored on them.

Devices store vast amounts of information, and devices you may not consider high-risk can lead to leaks. For example, devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets are likely on your radar. But printer and photocopier memory cards store reams of data too and need to be shredded professionally.

Work from Home, Shred at Home

Many people are still working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so sometimes the lines get blurred between personal space and the office. Professional shredders regularly make house calls so people can shred old bills, obsolete contracts, banking information, and other personal documents that pose data liabilities.

However, if you have sensitive work information around your home or your home office that you need to eliminate securely, professional shredders are happy to come right to you.

The pandemic may be the worst time ever for a company to have their private information go public. Such leaks can undermine trust in the company, damaging relationships and branding campaigns that took years to build. Don’t let this happen to you — call a professional shredder today.