3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Learn How to Code

3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Learn How to Code

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Coding is all around you. It’s what drives the apps on your smartphone, your computer, the cash register at the store, and even appliances and vehicles. It helps people stay in touch, entertained, productive, and connected.

The role of computer programming in the world is only growing, and kids can learn it quite quickly. Computer programming languages are called languages for a reason. It’s a well-studied phenomenon that children acquire new languages faster than adults. That includes coding.

How to Get Your Kids to Code

Computer programming classes for youth are becoming more common and available to kids at a surprisingly young age. There are three main ways you can get your kids to learn how to code:

1) Summer Coding Camp

Summer coding camp offers students an immersive way to learn to code, and it provides parents with an opportunity to keep their kids engaged and learning throughout the summer months. Some summer coding camps are shifting online to make sure that students still have an opportunity to develop their skills this summer. You can check out https://realprogramming.com/ for more information regarding online summer coding camps and how they work.

2) Weekly Programming Courses

When school’s in session, kids (and their families) are too busy to keep up with more than once-weekly classes, once you factor in extra-curricular activities, homework, and the logistics of getting from one class to another. But with weekly classes and time in-between to work on projects, kids can get a lot out of coding courses.

3) App-Based Learning Programs

Another option is self-directed learning through an app-based program. They’re convenient as they can be completed at any pace, but they lack valuable one-on-one time with instructors. Instructors provide more context, answer questions, and help students work through problems. Without that interaction, sometimes students can be left facing a problem they can’t solve and get stuck.

Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Kids can learn to code, but why should they? There are some educators who are saying that coding has become essential learning and that a basic understanding of coding should be universal. There are many jobs that use computer programming, even outside of traditional industries like computer science, app development, and video game design.

Besides the career prospects that open up when your child learns how to code, it’s also about understanding the world today. Technology plays such an outsized role in everyday life, knowing how it works explains the world. Computers play a role in almost everything: education, communication, security, shopping, and more. It’s why some educators say that coding is as essential as biology and math; two subjects students learn from a young age.

Not only that, but computer programming also helps students develop their problem-solving skills and learn advanced math concepts (often long before they approach them in school). Coding often teaches kids concepts like algorithms or recursion before they ever encounter the terms themselves. It can give them an edge as they encounter higher-level math in school.

While coding still hasn’t made it onto most school curricula, there are plenty of courses and summer coding camps that parents can explore.