Is it time to revisit your brand?

Is it time to revisit your brand?

When did you last look at your brand? Does it still reflect what you are doing or has your business evolved but your branding hasn't.

One thing I have learned in running my business for the past 17 years is that you can’t stay static. You have to change, grow and pivot when necessary.

When you rest on your laurels and stay rooted to the past, you truly run the risk of getting stuck there. Stuck in what was rather than what could be.

A couple of years ago we decided to rebrand. After 15 years of operation, we knew that Company of Women needed a facelift. As an adolescent, our views had changed, and it was time for the organization to represent the new reality of doing business.

Gone were the pinks and purples that yes, represented our femininity but could just as easily diminish and dismiss our efforts.

We decided as women in business, we’re here to stay and to be taken seriously. We went with an edgier look – lime green and blue.

Our logo was no longer just a signature. We are more than that and the symbol of the mountains reflected the journey we were on.

Each mountain represented the three pillars of our organization – business development, leadership and personal development.

After working on the Good Enough book for three years, in which we explored why women don’t feel good enough about themselves, it became abundantly clear that without confidence, we can’t achieve what we wish for ourselves.

So in addition to focusing on business development, we wanted to give women the tools and faith in themselves to be successful.

And talking of success – our slogan became Success on your own terms. No more comparing yourself to others. No more living someone else’s dream. No more striving for other people’s definition of success. It is all about you and what you want out of life, and we’re behind you every step of the way.

The smaller triangle in the middle represented leadership. It is smaller because not all of us are leaders, yet we wanted to foster women’s leadership because this is the way to the future; to changing the world we live in.

It took us six months to come up with this. It was a painful process at times as the team reflected on what we “wanted to be” when we grew up. And it wasn't just a logo change, we changed our offering, making it more holistic and reflective of women's lives.

I’ve always said you are never alone when you own. Well,  that is so true. None of this would have happened without the facilitation, input and creativity of other others. My thanks to my team for helping us pave this new future.

When did you last revisit your brand? Is it time for a re-do? Does your brand accurately reflect the pulse of your business?

Pause and take time to reflect. Involve others as having different perspectives richens the process. We had an outside facilitator who was objective and could direct our discussion.