Why Word of Mouth so important

Why Word of Mouth so important

Are people talking behind your back? Great! That's exactly what you want. People talking about your brand.

Have you ever wondered what your customers say behind your back? The answers are right in front of you. Your customers are sharing their experiences with your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on!

Social media is part of your everyday life. You cannot escape it.

Is your customer service phenomenal? After purchasing your product or service, are your customers happy? Or do your employees just not care and treat your customers like they don’t matter? Either way, customers like to express themselves on social media and often times they do this behind your back. They don’t post to your social media channels, instead, they post about you online and what they are writing is read by their friends. They are influencing their friends’ behaviour.

Through word of mouth and social media, your customers can share their feedback, good, bad and ugly on all their social channels. Customers can create a buzz quicker and have more impact with their social audience.

Why Word of Mouth so important

Why is Word of Mouth so important?

* Consumers trust the opinions of others. A referral from a friend or family member is simply more credible than a billboard ad.

* Consumers want to engage with your brand. A two-way conversation is the now the norm, it is expected and valued by consumers. Talk WITH your consumer online, don’t just talk to them.

* Consumers want to learn about your brand through various channels. They trust posts by local bloggers, testimonials from past customers and social media comments where they showcase your expertise.

* Consumers want a say in the brands they are buying from. Use this to engage with them, ask them for their opinions, share their ideas and leverage their feedback.

* Spend time listening on social media by reading your feeds and find out what consumers are saying about your product. Don’t be afraid to jump in the conversation. This shows you care.

* Reward those consumers who providing positive feedback about your brand and engaging with you. Reward them by following, sharing or simply thanking them. Nothing shows appreciation like acknowledging your consumers.

*Create a hashtag for your brand, one that you use on a regular basis. Your customers will get to see this hashtag and will start using it when they engage with you. This is an effective way to track consumers chatting about your brand.

*Acknowledge Brand Advocates! Over time you will start to notice a core group of consumers who engage regularly, share your content and promote your brand. Recognize and reward them with special shout outs, Follow Fridays, coupons and special offers. These advocates are invaluable to you!

Consumers are talking about your brand every single day. Now you just have to find who they are and where they are talking about you.

Join in the conversation and watch your word of mouth increase with each engagement.

It’s 2016 and how you treat your customers matter. You want them talking about you. You want them telling everyone how wonderful your business is and why their friends need to purchase from you.