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CEOs are experts. They make the big decisions, take the risky leaps, stimulate the economy, employ people and make keeping 10 balls in the air at once look easy.

You’d think for their importance, CEOs would strongly attach their names and their expert status to their companies.

Most CEOs spend money marketing their company name and products.

Most CEOs are not found anywhere on their own websites or if they do make an appearance it’s a few paragraphs and an old photograph on the Who We Are page.

98% of CEOs are invisible. No one knows who is running the ship or whose vision they’re buying into.

Well, some CEOs break the mould.

Richard Branson. When we buy Virgin Airlines we buy his vision, his passion and his personality.

Martha Stewart. Rachel Ray. Ray Kroc. Warren Buffet. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Ditto.

And even your family dog knows Cesar Millan and what his company and his products stand for.

When CEOs step out of the shadows and take their rightful place as the leaders and visionaries of their companies and their products an amazing thing happens:

Prospects buy into the CEO personally and become not only customers but advocates and cheerleaders. Why? Because they are supporting a person and not a faceless company. There’s a reason the saying “People buy from people” is a permanent part of business vernacular.

Would it benefit your company if you as the CEO became the See-EO? The CEO everyone SEES?

Let’s do a reality check around how important YOUR personal vision, story and passion is to the success of your company. Ask yourself these quick questions:

1. If my current customers were asked who the CEO of my company is, would they know? And if yes, would they know the story of why I started the company and what I stand for?

2. Is my photograph and personal promise on the front page of my website?

3. If the media is looking for someone to interview about a topical issue in my industry would I be at the top of their list of people to call? Would I even make the top 10?

If you cannot answer “Yes” to each of those three questions I suggest you need to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Let me guess. You’re too busy to build your “personal brand” and you think it’s a bit too showy to talk about yourself right? I hear you…

As a CEO you run a huge ship. You have products to develop, create and market. You have people to manage and encourage. You have customers to keep happy and accountants too. You just don’t have time to stop and make a plan to be the highly visible leader of your company.

It’s okay, soon enough a competitor will step up and make a name for themselves in your category.


You can take a moment to take an inventory of all the benefits of building your personal brand, of being the face of your company. You can start sharing your unique vision, your authentic personality and the incredible power of your passion with your prospects, your customers and your industry.

Need a little inspiration to become the SEE-EO of your company? Download our “5 Expert Mantras To Live and Swear By” right now. Then? Give us a call and let us tell you how we can get the spotlight on YOU right where it belongs.