Google Creates an Update to their SERP

Google Creates an Update to their SERP

Google Creates an Important Update to their Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Google is constantly updating their search algorithms, these algorithms are the criteria used in gathering and prioritizing search results for given keyword phrases. It is up to us, the Digital Marketers, to stay on top of these changes to help our clients stay on the first page.

Well now Google has made a few major changes to their SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which has both advantages and disadvantages for website owners and Google AdWords advertisers.

Here's what the changes are and what they could mean for you:

1. Removal of AdWords from SERPs side panel

One of the biggest changes that Google has made to the SERPs is to remove the entire right panel of ads from the page:

Mawazo Marketing Inc. Google Ad

This was done so the mobile user will have a similar experience to a desktop user because searching on a mobile device is the majority of current internet traffic.

Google is testing the performance of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) within the main listing against its usual placement in the right panel, so you will now find both displays in your searches:

2. Testing Product Listing Ads (PLAs) placement

Mawazo Marketing Inc. Google Ad Outline

3. Updates to Main Listing


Mawazo Marketing Inc. Website Outline


Mawazo Marketing Inc. Google SERP Updates


Mawazo Marketing Inc. Updated Website Outline

What Does This Mean For You?

What Has Not Changed

  • Cost-per-click (CPC) rates have remained the same, though advertisers were holding their breath waiting to see them skyrocket. Increases in CPC rates were expected due to having less ad spots on the SERP, as well as having an additional ad spot at the top of the organic list. However, data so far has shown that CPC rates have generally stayed consistent.

Positive Outcomes

  • For those with eCommerce websites, Product Listing Ads (PLAs) have seen an increase in CTRs (Click Through Rates). This is because of the positioning of the ads in the current SERPs.
  • Ad 3 spot has seen significantly higher CTRs. Advertisers are not quite sure why, but we will be watching the data that comes in over the next few weeks to see if this trend continues.

Negative Outcomes

  • Ad Spots 5-7 are obviously not performing well in their new position, below the organic results list, but they didn't really perform well in their previous position.
  • Ad Spots 8-11, have suffered significantly as they are no longer on the first SERP, but again these positions did not perform very well anyway.

Biggest Negative Outcome

Organic results will be hit the hardest, as they are now pushed even lower on the page. The additional ad spot may result in your website being pushed below the fold, requiring a user to scroll in order to see it.

Mawazo Recommendations To Deal With These Google SERPs Updates

It is crucial for businesses to combine efforts of SEO and advertising in order to ensure that your websites are found.

To learn how you can optimize your business' Google search engine results so your brand remains optimal, contact us now.

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