6 Tips To Manage Your Online Reputation

6 Tips To Manage Your Online Reputation

Word of mouth travels faster than ever before. Thanks to digital media opinions, customer feedback & recommendations are now reaching global audiences instantly

Word of mouth travels faster than ever before. Thanks to digital media opinions, customer feedback and recommendations are now reaching global audiences instantly.

Canadians spend the most time online - TorontoSun

With this wide reach, the reputation of brands are at risk of being unknowingly diminished with a few loud unhappy customers. (Unfortunately, it is often the unhappy customers that shout the most and the loudest....)

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. - Benjamin Franklin

In the past, a few of our clients tried to steer clear from digital media because of the fear of negative feedback spreading through the digi-sphere. However, avoiding to set up your own brand presence on social networks does not mean your company won’t appear online. Consumers are still voicing their opinions, sharing experiences and giving recommendations. This content could easily include the mention of your brand. If you want to be a part of that conversation, and receive a positive outcome, you need to be present.

Manage your brand's online reputation by being proactive, listening well, and reacting accordingly. Here are a few easy ways to do that:

1. Research the status of your online reputation

Research what’s being said online about your brand, products, services, staff, etc. Get the full and honest picture of your company so you can decide where you should focus on improving your online reputation.

2. Establish your brand as a thought-leader with relevant and quality content

Create content on a regular basis that promotes your brand as leaders in your industry. This content is not meant to boast about how great your products and services are, but rather to show your depth of knowledge and skill in your industry. Creating editorial pieces or blogs are helpful to those who are interested in what you’re selling and will encourage repetitive engagement and ultimately keep you "top of mind".

Create these blogs with Search Engine Optimization in mind, so that this content is not only establishing your brand as thought-leaders but also improves your SEO.

3. Share your content to increase your exposure and strengthen credibility

Now that you have this great content, be sure to share it! Sharing it on all of your social media pages and relevant web directories will give your content lots of exposure.

Continually reuse this content by tweeting parts of it to your Twitter followers, posting to your Facebook fans and to your LinkedIn followers. Use each blog post as much as possible to maximize your content creation efforts.

4. Encourage your customers to provide reviews and testimonials for your products and services

Reviews are becoming an integral part of your consumer's purchase path, regardless of whether the actual purchase is made online or offline.

60% of shoppers consult reviews before buying - MarketingProfs

Tools such as Reputation.com provide simple platforms that help you manage the sharing of your good reviews. It also facilitates the follow-up of bad reviews so that you have the opportunity to change that customer's opinion and possibly turn the review into a good one. [FIND OUT MORE ABOUT REPUTATION.COM]

5. Share positive reviews to online directories and industry-specific sites

What better way to list your company in a directory, then where your competitors are likely to simply show their address and phone number? Showing reviews gives potential customers confidence in contacting you.

6. Leverage social media networks to listen to what your market has to say

Social media is the heartbeat of the digital world. Listen to what your market is saying. By responding with relevant and timely communications, you will stand out from all of the other noise.

7. Use social listening tools to listen to what your potential market has to say

Tools such as Hootsuite can help you discover potential customers that are posting and tweeting about topics that are relevant to your business. With the help of our partner's social media management solution, you are able to receive notifications to alert you when a specific topic is trending. [FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOOTSUITE].

One of the most dangerous tactics a business can use is to take a passive approach to digital marketing. Your brand may be the topic of conversation online and you might not know it. We can help you find out what is being said about your business, and how you can actively encourage positive online brand reputation.

At Mawazo, we help business owners grow their revenue by creating a measurable strategy for their digital marketing and executing it as their marketing team. We acquire leads for your company, engage them with personalized communication, turn them into customers and retain their loyalty.