How is Bond Cleaning Different from Routine Cleaning?

How is Bond Cleaning Different from Routine Cleaning?

Bond cleaning involves deep cleaning the house after the end of the tenancy.

Bond cleaning involves deep cleaning the house after the end of the tenancy. Regular cleaning refers to cleaning the house on a regular basis to remove dirt and dust.

Bond money is often associated with bond cleaning. Regular cleaning is not required by law. A tenant must perform Bond Cleaning Brisbane in order to receive his bond money back. The landlord inspects the property after the termination of the lease. If he finds damage, he can retain the bond refund.

We will be referring to some points that will clarify bond cleaning and routine cleaning.

Bond cleaning: Routine cleaning is allowed, but not routine cleaning. Professional bond cleaners are often hired. These professionals assist tenants in obtaining their money back. Bond cleaning is not for landlords and is only applicable to tenants. All tenants are required to clean regularly.

Use of advanced tools: Cleaning professionals use advanced tools during bond cleaning, while regular cleaning is done with simple brooms or mops. Each Cleaning company provided advanced tools and training to their staff for bond cleaning. Regular cleaners and maids, on the other hand don't require any special training.

Follow the appropriate checklist: While normal cleaning is a basic cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the property. Professionals follow a checklist to ensure that every nook and corner of the house is cleaned. Only the requested or required areas are cleaned by professionals in regular cleaning.

Cleaning experts: Bond cleaners Brisbane are highly skilled and technically competent. They are experts in all aspects of cleaning. They know exactly what the landlord needs. Normal cleaning does not require any special tools or experience. It is hard to clean bond so experts are hired. However, normal cleaning is easy enough that most people can do it themselves.


Bond Cleaning and normal routine cleaning are two completely different things. While a landlord may hire a cleaner to clean his house, a Bond Cleaning Sydney company can help if the tenant moves out.