Why Should You Have A Metal Roof This Winter?

Why Should You Have A Metal Roof This Winter?

Winter is almost upon us. Many homeowners worry because of Canada’s harsh and snowy weather. Asphalt roofs are not reliable as they may fly off in strong winds.

Winter is almost upon us. Many homeowners worry because of Canada’s harsh and snowy weather. Asphalt roofs are not reliable as they may fly off in strong winds. Many have people reported the accumulation of snow on rooftops because of asphalt in the past.

It’s never too late to install a metal roof. Though, it may seem a little expensive as compared to asphalt roofs. But, the cost of lifetime benefits outweighs the initial cost. Installing metal roofs this winter would be a great idea if you want increased warmth and rooftop safety. There are numerous benefits of installing a metal roof in winter.

Many people are shifting towards metal roofs to avoid recurring problems that asphalt roof brings. Our article will tell you why you should have a metal roof this winter.

Benefits of Installing A Metal Roof

Metal Roof Doesn’t Accumulate Snow

Metal roofs shed snow so that snow doesn’t get accumulated on the roof. Metal roofs are sliding in structure and slippery in the material. This property doesn’t allow snow to form piles. Instead, excess snow slides off a metallic roof.

This property of metal roofs is not only helpful for maintaining the warmth of the inside building but also to keep structural integrity.

You Can Install Metal Roofs in Winter

Asphalt shingles are difficult to carry and install. Metal roofs come in panels and can be installed easily. Either you can install it on your own or hire a professional metal roofing contractor for professional metal roof installation and maintenance.

Professionals install metal roofs in just a few days. It may depend on weather conditions, area to be covered, and the number of workers. What’s more, metal roofs don’t become brittle. They can withstand any brutal snowy weather the future has in store for you.

Metal Roofs Keep Your Home Warm

Another reason why you should go for metal roofing is that it keeps your home warm. Metal roofing decreases temperature fluctuations between the roofs and attic. This maintains a constant temperature level. Because metal roofs shed snow, it also reduces the coldness coming from the rooftop.

Metal Roofs Are Lightweight

Metal roofs are made of aluminum and zinc. Both are light materials and corrosion-resistant. This makes the metal roof to be much lighter in weight. Snowfall also doesn’t make it heavy. This keeps your roof and walls from getting collapsed.

Metal Roofs Last Longer

Metal roofs are durable. They are made of strong material that withstands strong gusts of as high as 140 miles/hour. This strength is one of the remarkable differences between an asphalt roof and a metal roof.

Metal roofs can last for as long as 60 years. Compared to this, asphalt roofs only last for about 20 years. This means that you would have to spend your money on its replacement every 20 years or so.

Therefore, investing in metal roofs will give you not only durability but also a lifetime investment.

Metal Roofs Look More Stylish

Traditional metal roofs make your home’s outlook boring. They are out of architectural fashion. Metal roofs give an aesthetically appealing look. Many architects now recommend installing metal roofs because of their style and durability.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of colors and paint quality. This can transform your home’s design.

Metal Roof’s Snow Guards

Snow guards are also known as snow stoppers. It is installed between the metal roof and gutter at a distance of about 6 inches. Because it stops snow, it doesn’t allow water or snow to overflow and spill the gutter. This overflowing snow is called a roof avalanche.

Instead, water flows slowly towards the gutter as snow melts. The absence of a snow guard can separate the metal roof from the gutter due to pressure. This creates a space between them. When the snow melts, water flows between this space, affecting the roof material and things nearby.

Believe it or not, shifting to a metal roof will be a smart move in winters. A metal roof is a great idea if you want to have a durable and stylish looking roof. Traditional roofs are not able to bear the harsh weather conditions of Canada. Updating your roof to a new metal roofing system will keep you warm all winter.