Smoothie Recipes: Which Are Best?

Smoothie Recipes: Which Are Best?

If you’re hooked on morning smoothies read about these precautions. Smoothie recipes are not all the same, find out which are best.

The Internet is filled with smoothie recipes that call for handfuls of greens, spoonful’s of protein powder, and orchards of fruit. It seems like a good idea. You slurp down an entire day’s serving of fruits and veggies at once and get them out of the way. Yes, that rush of energy right after you finish drinking a smoothie feels so invigorating. It feels so healthy. But is it really good for you? Well, yes and no.

Why Your Perfect Smoothie Recipes May Not Be so Perfect

There’s a good reason why you wouldn’t eat a cup of berries, an apple, a banana, half a mango, and a cup of orange juice all in one sitting. It’s called sugar rush! And adding a scoop of protein powder won’t do much to prevent the blood sugar spike you’ll experience after chugging all those fruits in smoothie form. If you’re drinking smoothies to control calories and lose weight, you may be surprised to know that taking in food as liquids won’t satisfy your appetite as well as taking it in solid form. So eating those fruits and vegetables instead of drinking them is actually much more helpful in maintaining control of your calories.

And Here’s Why Smoothies Are Great

It takes a threat on your life to get you to eat a pile of greens. Hence, by all means, a green smoothie is a much better option than no greens at all. Just be sure to limit the amount of fruit or fruit juice you’re adding to make the drink palatable.

Smoothies are quick, easy and portable. Lots of folks wouldn’t have breakfast at all if it weren’t drinkable. If you’re relying on the blender for your morning meal, choose smoothie recipes that are well balanced. Include green vegetables, protein from yogurt or a high-quality protein powder. Add healthy fats as well like those found in natural unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil. Ultimately, the scoop on smoothies is that they’re not all created equal. Low-sugar, high protein drinks make a good snack. But daily meal replacement may not be the healthiest choice. If you are going to opt for a smoothie it should meet the same nutritional standards you would expect in a cooked meal.