How to Take Coconut Oil

How to Take Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in many different ways. We'll teach you how to properly take coconut oil in this post.

If you want to take unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil as a dietary supplement because you’ve heard about all the amazing health benefits it offers, you may be wondering how. Just how do you take any oil as a daily supplement? The easiest way to get coconut oil into your diet is simply to eat it raw. Spread it on toast instead of butter, put a dab in your smoothie or on top of yogurt. Melt a little coconut oil over hot steamed vegetables or toss some into cooked rice. There are hundreds of ways to enjoy coconut oil straight from the jar, including eating it with a spoon. What? Yes, many people find it delicious all on its own. The difficulty in taking coconut oil isn’t in finding ways to eat it, the difficulty can be what happens after eating it. If you’ve ever eaten a big spoonful of oil on an empty stomach, know what we’re talking about.

When taken alone, any dietary oil can cause a little digestive distress, AKA: loose stools. In fact, a spoonful of oil is a tried and true remedy for occasional constipation. So if your first attempt to get more coconut oil into your diet was met with a visit to the bathroom, you’re not alone. And no, you didn’t take coconut oil “the wrong way” and coconut oil isn’t bad for you. But you may have started with a bit too much of a good thing.

Take Coconut Oil Like a Pro

Start by taking one teaspoon of uncooked coconut oil once or twice a day. Take the oil with food. Either includes it in your meal as a condiment or, if you enjoy the taste, swallow the oil just before or after eating. If that amount still gives you problems, cut the dosage down to ½ teaspoon once or twice a day. Slowly build up to a larger dosage. Coconut oil is as safe to eat as any other food, so they’re no concerns about overdoing it. However, for the best results as a health aid, three to 4 tablespoons per day is a recommended amount for the average adult. That measurement includes any coconut oil you cook or bake with.

Of course, just like with all vitamins and health supplements, it’s important to take the highest quality product you can find. Always opt for organic, cold extracted (Absolutely No Heat) coconut oil. Not only does it taste and smell delicious, but coconut oil that has been processed without heat or chemical retains all the natural benefits you’re looking for.

If supplementing with coconut oil gave you tummy troubles, don’t be afraid to try again. Start slowly, measure the amount you’re taking and enjoy the oil with food.