8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better in 2017

8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better in 2017

Eating healthy is not enough to achieve your fitness goals in 2017. Here are 8 fitness hacks we recommend to stay in shape the whole year.

It is important to stay fit, strong, and healthy every day. But considering our busy schedules, it’s safe to say that this is not a very simple feat to accomplish, especially that we have a lot of things to do besides keeping fit. Then again, sparing a few minutes or hours daily out of our busy schedule and working our bodies out would go a long way in ensuring fitness and good health.

Some of the activities we can do to stay fit and healthy do not have to rob us of our time.

There are simple fitness hacks that will make your life better in 2017, including:

1. Begin the day by drinking a glass of water.

Water is great for the digestive system. Not only does it cleanse and rehydrate the body; it also boosts the body’s metabolism and immune system. A glass of water in the morning flushes out any poisonous toxins out of the body. So, the more water you take, the more your body will flush out toxins through the normal body functions.

Lukewarm water with a piece of lemon in it will do even better than plain cold water. Lemon water helps in digestion and flushes out toxins faster than cold water. Besides that, lemon is very rich in vitamin C, which is a body immune booster.

2. Exercise.

Put on some good weightlifting shoes and hit the gym. You don’t have to necessarily go lift weights or do extremely strenuous workouts. It’s just that whatever exercise you plan on doing, make sure you are dressed well enough and are comfortable with it. Regular exercises will make your body more flexible and stronger. Also, it makes you sweat. Sweat helps take away waste products from the body. After an exercise, your body feels lighter and more relaxed. You can choose to go to a gym or do your workouts at home.

Once in a while, jog and run. It is even more fun when you have a friend to jog or run with. When you have somebody running alongside, you can talk and encourage each other. Talking as you jog helps to regulate your breath and keeps your mind away from whatever pain or stress you may be going through.

Just like one needs the best shoes for weightlifting, make sure you also have nice comfortable light shoes for jogging.

3. Watch exercise videos.

You can make watching TV interesting. Tune into exercise channels and work with the instructors and trainers. You can comfortably follow exercise video instructions from your living room. To make it even better, you can listen to your own kind of music as you step away.

4. Eat Healthy.

A lot of emphasis is usually put on eating healthy. There is, however, nothing wrong with enjoying some of your favorite fatty meals or sugary drinks. But it should be noted that one should regulate it. Always ensure you have a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Unhealthy eaters may have a hard time dealing with their emotions since they often end up unhappy about their weight. Being sad or in a depressed state ruins one’s social life, which may lead to physiological depressions.

5. Play games.

People enjoy laughter and having fun. It’s a two way street if the games make you break a sweat because it would still mean that your body is getting the exercise it deserves. It is okay to bring out the kid in you once in a while rather than just lazing around. Go out and engage in a lovely game of basketball, football, rugby, lawn tennis or whichever other activity you feel suits you.

6. Stay active.

The mind is a powerful tool. It would not be good to keep it idle throughout the day. Idleness is addictive. Once you have gotten a taste of it, it would be hard to drop it. One of the traits of idle people is procrastination.

Try to find something interesting to do. If you have a hobby, the better. Follow your heart and read that book you have been putting off to read. Write as much as you can. It relieves stress and keeps you busy. Volunteer in community service or church activities. Get cleaning. There is always a lot of work to be done around the home. Keep yourself busy by tidying up or re-arranging stuff in your garage and home. Try to keep yourself busy.

7. Be social.

When we indulge in social activities, we get a better understanding of life and get to make new friends, which is way better than being on your own. It would never hurt to say “Hi, how are you doing” or “Have a lovely day” a few times a day. It is always advisable to know what is going on in your society.

8. Plan your day.

It is always good to plan your day ahead. Make a list of everything that you want to accomplish in a day or probably a week. It becomes very interesting when you accomplish what you had noted down to do and you push yourself even harder to accomplish what you were not able to.

If you follow these 8 simple fitness hacks, your life in 2017 will be much better.