7 Essential Oils to Always Keep at Home

7 Essential Oils to Always Keep at Home

You never know when the need arises, so to be ready, it is best to always have these 7 essential oils at home. Soon, you’ll be thankful that you have them!

When people hear the words “essential oils”, it’s more likely that they associate it with aromatherapy, perfumes, soaps, and other aromatic products. Yes, that might be true, but essential oils are more than just the fragrant stuff.

Check out these 7 essential oils and their many uses. For sure, you’ll want to keep them at home.

1. Lavender

If you are planning to have only one essential oil in your house, lavender is the best choice. Not only is it used for medicinal purposes; it also offers therapeutic benefits, alleviating acne, insect bites, skin rashes, and even minor burns.

2. Tea Tree

Often referred to as a “medicine cabinet in a bottle”, tea tree oil can be used to treat various common ailments. Then again, you can’t consume it. Only apply it topically to cure warts, acne, eczema, cold sores, and dermatitis.

3. Peppermint

You might have heard of this already. Peppermint can be ingested to alleviate an upset stomach and to relieve nausea. However, it can also be massaged into the abdomen to ease stomach cramps. In addition, it can be sprayed around the house to eliminate foul odors coming from stinky shoes and deter rodents and spiders.

4. Lemon

One of the best essential oils you can use at home, lemon has more applications than we thought. It can be used to polish furniture. Also, it can be added to dish detergents, laundry soaps, and even spray cleaners. Finally, it can be used to relieve bad breath and get rid of dandruff. Lastly, it can be added to your bath to ease stress and anxiety.

5. Chamomile

Known for its soothing and calming effects, chamomile works wonders in the body. Used topically, it can treat boils, acne, bruises, eczema, and cuts. It can also be diffused to alleviate anxiety, stress, irritability, and depression. It can be sprayed at the doorways to deter fleas and mites.

6. Frankincense

Did you know that frankincense essential oil was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen? Yes, that is right. And considering that fact, it’s safe to assume that this oil has been treated as a very valuable substance. When applied topically, it can treat several issues, such as warts, acne, boils, cuts, and scrapes.

7. Oregano

Due to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, oregano has been considered a handy essential oil around the house. Apply topically to cure bruises, athlete’s foot, sprains, shingles, and herpes. For an effective antibacterial spray for countertops, dilute oil in water.

Well, if you plan to use these essential oils for health care or first aid, it is best to do your assignment and research ahead. That way, you’ll have an idea how to use them properly. Also, it is worth investing several dollars on organic and high quality essential oils. How about you? What essential oil do you use at home? Comment them below!